Chew Magna Marriages


Transcribed by Mary Mason.





Apr 9 James Moon and Eleanor Barnes.

Apr 25 Samuel Bettee and Elizabeth Palmer.

Jun 29 Ezekiel Cox and Sarah Hook.

Oct 9 Tho: Snellgrove and Mary Webb.

Oct 12 James Naish and Mary Blaning.

Nov 19 Hugh Cox and Honour Loyd at Stanton Drew.



Mar 28 Thomas Plumley and Rachel Kingson, Easter Sunday.

Apr 10 John Thyler and Francis Arnell.

Apr 29 Benjamin Naish and Mary Cox both of Sutton More.

May 17 John Battle and Eleanor ? (could be Voules)

May 20 Richard Park and Sarah Purnnill.

Jan 9 John Price and Susanna Wade.

Feb 19 Thomas Brown of Sutton and Mary Kingsbury.

Feb 20 John Butt and Hester Stevens.



Apr 10 Benjamin Barwell and Mary Feare.

Apr 13 Walter Baker and Elizabeth Paige.

Aug 22 John Hawkins and Anne Lacey.

Aug 24 Thomas Yendole and Anne Heath.

Dec 9 William Brown and Betty Naish.

Feb 12 Samuel Jones and Susan Paige.



Sep 1 Robert Radford and Jane Jenkins.

Oct 3 John Young and Betty Fisher.

Oct 11 Thomas Giles and Eliz: Nicholes.

Oct 23 John Bush and Ann Maxfield.

Feb 16 William Pavier and Eliz: Saunders.

Mar 3 John Beacham and Deborah Larder.



Sep 30 John Beacham and Prudence Goldstone.

Oct 3 James Cox and Sarah Blannin.

Feb 16 John Godfry and Hannah Wilcoxe.



Apr 7 Mr. John Power of Bristol and Mrs Ann Catherall.

Apr 16 Thomas Keedwell and Ann Page.

Jun 18 Richd: Davis senior and Mary House.



Apr 3 John Wyatt and Mary Jaines of Stanton Drew.

Apr 6 Willm: Elmes and Ann Watson.

Jan 24 Thomas Currell and Edith Taylor.

Feb 25 Thomas Bult and Mary Parsons.



Jul 11 James Shepheard and Martha Cox.

Nov 22 Charles Wallis and Sarah Houlder.

Dec 27 Edmund Perry and Anne Tovey.

Feb 20 John Lacey and Elizabeth Curtis.



Apr 10 William Butt and Mary Williams.

Apr 16 Thomas Barnes and Hester Price.

May 14 William Hippisley and Joyce Hasel parish of Dundry.

Jun 23 Oswald Fear and Mary Siddal.

Aug 27 Solomon Plumly and Mary Fisher.

Oct 4 James Edghill and Hester Jenkins.

Oct 15 John Mitchell and Margaret Pearce.

Nov 27 John Atwood and Hannah Ogbourn.



Apr 2 James Bartlett and Grace House.

Apr 19 John Fowler and Hannah Long.

Jul 15 John Cox and Christian Cole.



Apr 18 William Busole and Hester Fowler.

Apr 25 William Payton and Mary Broad of Dundry.

Jun 4 John ?ovey and Mary Walter.

Jun 27 William James and Rebecka Weeks.

Sep 12 George Price and Anne Webb.

Sep 12 John Lacy and Mary Price.

Dec 9 John Carley and Mary Hamman.

Jan 12 William Lockier and Mary Smith.

Feb 9 Abraham Simmons and Bettey Brittain.



Jun 8 Thomas Goldstone and Hannah Goldstone.

Jun 23 Joseph Stokes and Mary Vowles.

Oct 6 John Cantlebury and Rose Lane.

Dec 29 Oswald Stephens and Susannah Chapman.

Dec 29 Richard Bull and Hester Curtis.



Sep 15 Daniel Sames and Ann Kesey.

Sep 6 John James and Grace Morrice.

Dec 29 Henry Bendole and Ann Hughes.



Jun 27 Thomas Pope and Mary Emblin.

Jul 11 William Lacy and Grace Vigers.



Apr 4 Joseph Payton and Hannah Taylor.

Apr 22 Edwd: Gurole and Mary Gorth.

May 29 John Davis and Mary Long.

Oct 12 Saml: Stokes and Hester Nicholas.

Dec 26 James Oliver and Eliz: Emblin.

Feb 26 Richard Broad and Eliz: Brown.



Apr 23 John Royner and Mary Finner.

Apr 30 John Fear and Joyce Palmer.

Jul 5 Joseph Vowles and Hester Webb.

Jul 5 Thomas Bult and Honor Pritchard.

Jul 22 Henry Hill and Ann Davis.

Dec 31 John Brock and Hester Keedwell.

Jan 31 Richard Weeks and Grace Smith.

Feb 18 Richard Jones and Hester Davis.



Apr 17 Samuel Loscombe and Sarah Hazle.

Apr 17 Mathew Brookman and Hester Dix.

Apr 21 James Fear and Sarah Fowler.

Jul 27 Hugh Cox and Mary King.

Aug 17 Robt: Hooper and Elizabeth Cottle.

Aug 31 John Price and Ann Riding.

Sep 1 John Barnes and Mary Smith.

Oct 9 Israel Bayly and Hester Cress.

Dec 22 Thomas Fox and Mary Sage.

Dec 29 William Buckler and Ann Lockson.



Apr 6 William Read and Mary Marshall.

Oct 23 Will: Sansom and Rachell Vowles.



Apr 8 Richard Hazle and Sarah Withy.

Apr 19 Richard Hannam and Sarah Emblin.

Apr 29 James Bryant and Sarah Gray.

May 6 James Holder and Joan Smith.

Jul 14 Joseph Chancellor and Mary Allen.

Jul 22 Samuel Dolman and Avis Hinton.

Aug 30 George Hart and Ann Frapwell.



Apr 14 James Green and Sarah Nash.

Dec 19 Hanry Blanning and Ann Hook.

Jan 16 John Pickering and Ann Ward.



Mar 27 Edward Williams and Elizabeth Roome.

Mar 29 William Page and Patience Gardener.

Apr 4 Samuel Hazle and Mary Powell.

Apr 4 Charles Weaver and Mary Clark.

Apr 16 John Vater and Hester Fear.

Apr 24 Jacob Clark and Lovely Carter.

May 13 Richard Cox and Ann Peters.

May 17 John Lockier and Mary Naish.

Jun 17 Thomas Ward and Joan Wallis.

Jul 1 John Hellier and Frances Smith.

Aug 27 William Gooding and Elizabeth Vater.

Sep 24 Stephen Sansom and Hannah Hazle.



Nov 18 Mr Benjamin Newport and Mrs Dorcas Jones.



May 5 William Pow and Margaret Peters.

May 19 Jeremiah Clark and Martha Tanner.



Apr 20 Willm: Hazel and Grace Goodenough.

Apr 26 John Lee and Mary Tipper.

Jun 8 John Peters and Ann Fear.

Jun 8 Richard Pain and Sarah Shepherd.

Jun 8 Willm: Hellier and Hannah Goldstone.

Nov 3 John Rowles and Emias Saunders.

Dec 20 Isaac Cook and Elizabeth Bush.

Dec 30 James Maggs and Grace Fowler.



Apr 14 John Edgell and Betty Edwards.

Apr 18 James Plumley and Martha Peters.

May 2 Thos: Perry and Hannah Filer.

May 5 Benj: Pool and Hester Harmer.

Jul 18 John Cook and Mary Nash.

Sep 19 Willm: Hipsley and Martha Erbery.

Dec 25 Samuel Sage and Eliz:



Mar 26 Samuel Tutton and Betty Pierce.

Mar 28 Richard Davis and Mary Tudor.

Feb 15 Roger Vowles and Esther Branch.



Aug 12 Robert William and Hannah Line.

Oct 1 George Napper and Sarah Wallis.



Apr 9 Thomas Pratten and Hannah Barrel.

Sep 30 John Carter and Ann Broad.

Oct 10 Hugh Clements and Hester Maggs.

Oct 14 John Baker and Elizabeth Fear.



Feb 2 John Sperring and Elizabeth Chivers.

Feb 10 John Griffin and Sarah Haskins.

Feb 11 Cornelius Sams and Elizabeth Harris.

Feb 24 Thomas Spear and Tomasin Smith.

May 29 Robert Tutton and Mary Pearce.

Apr 7 James Hillman and Mary Purnell.

Jun 4 Thomas Smith and Sarah Weaver.

Jul 5 Samuel Wyatt and Ann Ogborn.

Aug 29 Mark Tinden and Ann Hort.



Apr 22 Joseph Gad and Mary Marshal.

Jun 14 James Weaver and Ann Cave.

Oct 21 John Bidgood and Mary Phippen.

Dec 13 Benjamin Rissei and Hester Barns.



Jan 7 William Steirt and Mary Fowler.

Feb 5 Peter Hannum and Mary Spear.

Feb 10 James Stone and Sarah Houlder.

Mar 21 Edward Plumly and Mary Radford.