Chew Magna Burials


Transcribed by Mary Mason.





Apr 19 John Hathway.

Apr 25 Mr.Humphrey Buckler son of Mr Hum: Buckler, Vicar of Chew.

Jun 1 Priscilla wife of Edward King.

Jun 11 Ann daughter of James Hannum and Elizabeth.

Jun 22 Mr. Humphrey Buckler of this parish.

Jul 19 Mary daughter of James Vowles.

Jul 26 Francis Davis widow.

Sep 4 Rich: Stoaks of Sutton.

Sep 20 Mary Persons widow.

Sep 28 Joseph son of James Hasell.

Sep 29 Mr Wm: Hart of Hannam.

Oct 4 Jane Hancock widow.

Oct 4 Alice Creese.

Oct 29 Edward Webb of Knowle Hill.

Nov 1 Margaret Stone.

Nov 15 Joseph Sherborne, Ship Carpenter.

Nov 20 Mr Memiz Dando of Sutton Weeks.

Nov 22 Francis wife of William Elmes.

Nov 23 Thomas Willis servant to Robert Vickrice Esq.

Dec 1 Anne wife of Samuel Cox of Littleton.

Dec 16 George Veale of Denny.

Jan 7 Joseph son of Rich: Stokes and Debarah.

Jan 16 Mary Badman widow.

Feb 8 Thomas Warden of Knowle Hill.

Feb 10 Mary wife of Henry Blindman.

Mar 17 Sarah Heale widow.



Apr 16 Meshach Webb died in the smallpox.

Apr 18 Mary wife of John Battle.

May 4 Mary daughter of Mr Thomas Abraham.

May 9 Hester daughter of John Hitchens and Mary.

May 13 Henry Oliver of Sutton.

May 30 Mr Thomas Abraham senior of Chew.

Jun 8 Bethia Hooper widow.

Jun 27 Jone Wallis widow.

Jul 3 Arabella daughter of John Strechey Esq.

Aug 10 Thomas Sperin of Knowle Hill.

Aug 11 Jonathan Warde of Chew.

Aug 24 Sarah wife of John Liyne carried from Chew to Stanton Erw?

Aug 30 Sarah Poole widow.

Sep 2 Sarah daughter of Charles Carter and Eliz:

Oct 7 Mary Bond of Knowle Hill.

Nov 21 Charity daughter of Oliver Abraham.

Nov 23 Mary wife of Thomas Hannam of Sutton.

Jan 22 Joseph Curtis senior.

Jan 30 Tamar daughter of John Vater.

Feb 8 Ann daughter of Joseph Curtis, glazier and Eliz:

Feb 23 Mrs Sarah Hasell of Sutton.

Feb 25 Benjamin son of Joseph Curtis and Jane.



Apr 3 Mary daughter of Hugh Cox buried at Chew.

Apr 26 Joseph and Betty son and daughter of Thos: and Sarah Veal.

May 5 Joseph Sage senior.

May 15 Joan wife of John Beacham.

May 15 Rachel daughter of Michael Paige ye same day.

May 23 John Cottrell.

Jun 23 James son of Joseph Hill.

Jul7 Mr. Rich: Shorter of Bymills.

Jul 8 Jane Stone.

Aug 7 Mary daughter of William Cowly.

Sep 28 Timothy son of Charles Wallis.

Oct 16 Grace daughter of Grace Fisher of Suttons Week.

Oct 20 Thomas son of Thomas Webb of Suttons Week.

Oct 20 Ann wife of William Dolman.

Nov 24 Hannah wife of Josiah Cooke.

Dec 10 Mary wife of John Parker and Samuel son of John Vigors.

Dec 12 The Rev. Mr. John Rigsby of Pilton in Devonshire.

Dec 27 John son of William and Sarah Flanen.

Jan 3 Ann Streater daughter of Mr. John Buckler.

Jan 13 Alice Curtis widow.

Feb 4 Mary wife of James Hand.

Feb 20 Mary Gane widow.



May 1 .. Smith? widow. (very very faint)

May 21 Mercy Barber.

Jun 3 Benjamin Binney.

Jun 13 Peter son of Thomas Veal.

Jul 2 Nathaniel Vigors.

Jul 20 John son of John Voules of Sutton.

Aug 16 John Vigors senior of Knowle Hill.

Sep 21 Arthur King.

Sep 29 Hester Abraham.

Oct 10 Henry Warden.

Nov 5 Hannah daughter of Samuel Fowler.

Nov 10 Madam Streachey.

Nov 19 Martha daughter of Samuel Fowler.

Nov 24 Ann Lukins.

Nov 28 Hester Tovey.

Dec 6 Elizabeth wife of Henry Silcock.

Dec 20 Annis Hughett.

Dec 27 James son of William and Mary Hand.

Jan 14 Eliz: Saunders and Grace Cook.

Mar 5 Eliz: wife of Samuel Fowler.

Mar 8 Samuel son of Samuel Fowler.

Mar 24 James Perry.



May 5 Ann Jenkins.

May 25 Eliz: daughter of Thos: and Mary Stile.

May 13 Eliz: Pierce daughter of Robt: and Eliz: Croade.

May 19 Ann Jenkins wife of John Jenkins.

Jun 9 Captain John Hall.

Jun 10 Dina wife of George Spreat.

Jun 10 Joseph son of Thomas and Sarah Veal.

Jun 30 Joshua Feare.

Jul 28 Rebecca Hughett.

Jul 31 John Naish of Sutton.

Aug 7 Joan Binny.

Aug 18 James Houlder.

Aug 25 Mary wife of James Hancock.

Sep 22 Benjamin son of Benjamin Pool.

Sep 29 Jonathan son of John Vater.

Sep 29 Charles son of Edward Feare.

Nov 24 James Fowler.

Dec 15 Mary daughter of William and Betty Pavier.

Dec 25 John Warden.

Jan 5 Margaret wife of John Tipper.

Jan 26 Sarah wife of Rich: Griffin.

Jan 26 Joseph son of William Dolman.

Feb 9 Grace Hooper.

Feb 16 Mary daughter of Roger Voules.

Mar 1 Mary Parker.



Mar 25 Mary wife of Hezekiah Kingstone.

Apr 14 Mary wife of Rich: Smith.

Apr 19 George son of Thomas and Sarah Veal.

Apr 29 John Maishel a stranger.

May 13 Hester daughter of Samuel Chapman and Eliz: Saunders.

Sep 7 Charity Silcock.

Sep 12 Thomas Jones.

Sep 26 George Hitchings.

Oct 5 Ann wife of Rich: Davis.

Oct 12 Jane Voules.

Nov 5 Thomas Kingsbury.

Jan 7 Mary daughter of Willm: Stevens of Dundry.

Jan 22 Mary wife of Thomas Moon.

Jan 31 Mary daughter of Mr John Buckler.

Mar 10 Hannah Biney.



May 3 Thomas Hill.

May 15 Hester daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Binney.

May 17 Hannah Hathaway.

Jun 18 William son of Mr William and Sarah Hall.

Jun 22 Curthbert son of Tho: and Sarah Veal.

Aug 2 George Edgill.

Aug 7 Elizabeth daughter of William Collins.

Aug 18 James Tippet.

Sep 9 Thomas Stiles.

Oct 4 Joane daughter of William and Joan Challenger.

Oct 25 John son of John Hill.

Oct 29 Mary Fisher of Sutton.

Jan 9 Martha wife of Charles Wallis.

Jan 11 Mr Thomas Sherborne.

Jan 16 Mary daughter of Thomas and Mary Fox.

Jan24 Mary Webb from Bristol.

Jan 24 William son of James Edgell.

Feb 25 Joseph Curtis.

Mar 21 Martha daughter of William Elmes.



Mar 29 Charles son of John Weaver.

Apr 5 Benjamin Pool.

Apr 11 Sarah daughter of Jonathan Pool.

Apr 17 Mary daughter of John Fear.

Apr 27 Alexander Holder.

May 27 James Hand.

Jun 20 Frances daughter of William Elmes.

Jul 25 Willm: Vigers.

Jul 30 Betty daughter of Joseph and Jane Curtis.

Sep 5 Thomas Taylor.

Oct 10 Mary Sansom.

Nov 5 Rebecca wife of John Taylor.

Nov 22 Mr Christopher Shorter.

Dec 3 Anne daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Binney.

Dec 30 Mrs Anne Fisher.

Jan 5 Thomas Hannam of Sutton.

Jan 11 Hannah Veale.

Jan 20 Jacob Naish.

Jan 26 Mrs Mary Stokes.

Jan 27 Hannah Silcock.

Jan 30 Mary wife of Thomas Gouldstone.

Feb 28 Martha wife of Wm: Holly.

Mar 12 Elizabeth Bowles.

Mar 21 Mary wife of Josias Pavier.



Apr 11 Honor wife of Hugh Cox.

Apr 12 Thomas Wall.

Apr 30 Elizabeth daughter of Anne Gooden.

May 4 James Webb of Sutton`s Wick.

May 6 Anne wife of Thomas Hill.

May 14 Sarah Cox widow.

May 22 Bethiah daughter of Solomon and Artule Draper.

May 29 Jane wife of James Hill.

Jun 10 Abigail wife of Jno: Sherborne.

Jun 11 Joseph Poole.

Jun 17 William Hollister.

Jul 7 Sarah Lane a stranger.

Jul 19 Mrs Jane Buckler widow.

Aug 2 Thomas Veale.

Aug 20 Cornelius son of Oliver Abraham.

Aug 20 John Shepheard.

Sep 2 Sarah Dando.

Oct 15 Thomas son of Thomas Stevens.

Nov 5 John son of . Harvey.

Nov 7 John Fear.

Nov 19 Anne wife of Tobias peters.

Nov 21 Elizabeth Hollister.

Nov 26 George Crees.

Nov 26 Mary daughter of Oliver Abrahem.

Dec 20 Richard Silcock.

Jan 21 Mary daughter of Hugh Cox.

Feb 25 John son of John Binney of Sutton.



Mar 28 James son of Joseph Cox.

Apr 10 Joseph Sage.

May 21 Samuel Jones.

May 25 William son of Edmund Perrey.

May 25 Martha daughter of Oliver Abraham.

May 28 Mary Stile.

Jun 25 Deborah wife of John Beacham of Sutton.

Jun 29 Sarah wife of Thomas Veale.

Jul 1 Anne daughter of John Webb.

Jul 7 Mr Walter Webb of Littleton.

Jul 19 John Hedges of Sutton.

Jul 29 Samuel son of wm.Elmes of Sutton.

Aug 12 Oliver (smudged through) looks like: son of Oliver Abraham.

Aug 29 Sarah wife of Wm: Batt of Chewton keynsham.

Oct 3 John Vowles.

Nov 9 Matthew Hancock.

Nov 25 Eliz: daughter of John Jenkins.

Dec 1 Sarah wife of William Sams.

Dec 5 Mary Gouldstone widow.

Dec 7 Elizabeth wife of John Smith of Sutton.

Jan 8 Anne Parsons.

Jan 11 James son of Willm: Sames.

Jan 23 Elizabeth wife of John lacy.

Feb 26 Richard son of John Price.

Feb 28 Joseph Morris.

Mar 4 Henry son of John Veale.

Mar 8 John Perrin.

Mar 14 John Radford.

Mar 15 Thomas son of Daniel Senior.

Mar 21 Joseph Binney of Sutton.

Mar 21 Thomas Hill of Littleton.

Mar 24 Elizabeth daughter of John Price.



Apr 3 Jane daughter of John Beacham.

May 1 Elizabeth wife of John Barnes.

May 18 Sarah wife of Benj: Binny.

May 19 Joseph son of Benj: Nash.

May 22 Ann Strackey wife of Hodges Strackey Esq.

May 30 James son of Jonathan Poole.

May 30 Hannah Radford.

Jun 8 Thomas Smith.

Jun 17 Henry son of Henry Purnel.

Jul 25 Died and buried 27 Jul The Revd: Robert Rogers Vicar of Great Chew.

Aug 11 John Goodlife.

Aug 14 John son of John Lacy.

Sep 3 Martha daughter of William Batt.

Sep 8 Samuel son of William Elmes.

Oct 18 Timothy Smith.

Oct 24 Bettey daughter of Grace Fisher.

Nov 3 John Morris.

Dec 23 Thomas Webb of Sutton Weeks.

Jan 12 Alice wife of Oswald Stephens.

Jan 16 Anne Vigers.

Jan 16 Henry son of Henry Oliver.

Jan 21 James son of James Hill.

Feb 6 Tobias Peters.

Feb 11 Richard Griffin.

Feb 28 Mary Kerton widow of Sutton.

Mar 5 Bridget Hill widow.



Apr 6 Ann Pevier.

Apr 12 Mary wife of Daniel Sames.

Apr 13 Sarah wife of one Steridge of Langford.

Apr 13 Mary Style widow.

May 1 Thomas Carter of Sutton.

May 15 Elizabeth wife of Rich: Hannam.

May 23 Josiah Cook.

May 26 Rebecca Jones of Sutton.

May 29 Joseph Curtis.

May 30 John Burroughs.

Jun 10 Grace wife of Wm: Edgel.

Jun 10 Thomas son of Wm: Elmes.

Jun 15 John son of Rich: Davis.

Jun 16 James Pheppard.

Jun 19 Ann Barnes from Bristol.

Jun 27 James son of Rich: Davis.

Jul 1 James son of Hester Sheppard.

Aug 4 William son of John Butt.

Aug 9 Ann wife of Wm: Feare.

Aug 23 Richard Hannam.

Aug 23 Grizell Blannin.

Nov 30 Joseph Price an infant.

Dec 9 Miriam wife of James Maggs.

Jan 1 Mary wife of Henry Purnell.

Jan 13 Mary daughter of William Batt.

Feb 2 Mary daughter of Thos: and Eliz: Lacy.

Feb 16 Dorothy Poole.

Mar 3 Hester daughter of Dorothy Poole.

Mar 16 Mary daughter of Rich: and Mary Davis.

Mar 24 Rich: son of Edmund and Ann Perry.



Apr 29 Jane daughter of Jonathan and Mary Harris.

Apr 29 Ann daughter of Anthony and Lucretia Edgell.

Jun 4 Elizabeth Abraham.

Jun 14 William Plumly.

Aug 10 Hannah wife of John Dowling.

Aug 17 John son of John and Ann Wallis.

Oct 20 Susannah wife of John Price.

Oct 27 Abigal Templer.

Nov 28 Jane daughter of John Hooper.

Jan 2 Martha daughter of William Elmes.

Jan 30 Richard son of Rich: and Mary Castlemain.

Feb 8 Mr William Hall.

Feb 9 Ann Pain from Publow.

Feb 16 John Hooper.

Feb 20 Sarah wife of John Hughlet.

Feb 27 Sarah Hannam.

Feb 27 Mary Pope widow.

Mar 13 John Hughlet junior.



Mar 30 Elizabeth Taylor widow.

Apr 7 George Hughlet.

Apr 10 Edward King.

Apr 10 Joan wife of Rich: Redman.

Apr 24 James Hughlet.

Jun 27 Mary Tuckey.

Jul 26 Thomas Moon of Sutton.

Aug 18 Ann daughter of Abigal Speare.

Oct 5 Mary wife of John Veale.

Oct 10 Katherine Price.

Oct 25 Robt: Vickeris Esq buried at St. Nicholas Bristol.

Nov 10 Mrs Mary Magdalen Shorter.

Nov 11 Ann wife of Will: Feare.

Dec 12 Thomas Webb of Bristol, baker.

Jan 12 Mary Purnell widow.

Jan 24 Ellen wife of James Moon.

Jan 29 Anne wife of Rich: Feare.

Feb 4 Simon Dando.

Feb 6 Sarah Weaver widow.

Feb 21 Thomas King of Sutton.

Mar 9 Hester daughter of Thomas Fox.

Mar 19 Jehu Tucky.

Mar 20 Jane wife of Danl: Sames.



Mar 26 Ann daughter of Frances Green.

Apr 15 Eliz: daughter of Mr Willm: Hall.

Apr 29 Mary wife of Thos: Bult.

Apr 29 Sarah Morrice widow.

May 16 Sarah daughter of John Lacy.

Jun 15 Arthur King from Bristol.

Jun 15 Ann Nicholas widow.

Jun 28 Mary Stevens widow.

Jun 30 John Sherbourne.

Jul 4 Mary daughter of Rich: Fear.

Jul 4 John Spear.

Jul 15 Sarah daughter of James Plumley.

Aug 7 James Collins.

Aug 8 Peter Lockier from Masebury.

Oct 26 Eliz: wife of Thos: Hazel.

Nov 4 Johannah wife of Saml: Veale.

Nov 11 Ann Oliver widow.

Nov 23 John Purnell.

Jan 3 A child of Benj: Naish.

Jan 7 John Smith.

Jan 14 Sarah Fear widow.

Jan 14 Sarah Sherborne widow.

Jan 14 Will: son of Will: Brage a stranger.

Jan 25 Joseph son of Benjamin Binny.

Feb 18 Cornelius son of Oliver and Hester Abraham.



Apr 16 John Veale.

Jun 15 Wife of Robt: Hannam.

Jul 13 Edward Binney.

Jul 15 Sarah daughter of James Goldstone.

Jul 18 Sarah daughter of Wm: and Hannah Davis.

Aug 13 Francis Elmes.

Aug 26 Rich: Redman.

Aug 30 Prudence Beacham.

Sep 9 Mary Emblin.

Sep 20 Mary Horler.

Oct 11 Mary Weeks.

Nov 4 Sarah Lacy.

Nov 12 William Flower.

Nov 23 Hannah Parker.

Dec 2 George Dix.

Dec 10 Ann Weaver.

Dec 13 Mary Fox.

Dec 25 John Edgill.

Jan 11 Richard Fear.

Jan 20 Richard Edgill.

Jan 30 John Webb of Weeks.

Mar 6 Elizabeth Poole.

Mar 13 Hester Barnes.

Mar 16 John Tipper.

Mar 20 Richard Smith.

Mar 20 Mary Haynes.



Mar 31 Mary Vowles.

Mar 31 Mary Taylor.

Apr 14 Hester daughter of Jno: Veale.

Apr 15 Thomas Curtis.

Apr 21 William King.

May 16 Ye wife of Thos: Brown.

May 18 John son of Roger Vowles.

Jun 3 Sarah Goldstone.

Jun 20 William Dolman.

Jul 6 Rebecca daughter of Wm: Sams.

Jul 7 Robt: Hannam.

Jul 27 Grace Fisher.

Aug 28 William Hannam.

Aug 28 Ye daughter of James Phipping.

Sep 18 James and Robt: sons of . Hannam.

Sep 23 Hester daughter of Richard and Sarah Parker.

Nov 19 James Hannam.

Nov 22 Margaret Webb.

Nov 22 Abraham son of Abraham and Elizabeth Simmons.

Nov 27 Sarah Radford.

Dec 2 Deborah Dix.

Dec 8 Thomas Webb.

Dec 15 James Lacy junior.

Dec 19 Hannah daughter of George Radford.

Dec 24 Jane daughter of Henry Hill.

Jan 8 Arthur Barnes.

Feb 11 Elizabeth daughter of James Silcock.

Mar 24 Grace Blanning.



Apr 11 Mary wife of John Lacy.

Apr 12 John son of John Lacy.

Apr 23 James son of James Webb.

Apr 23 Sarah Sheppard.

Apr 23 Mary wife of Joseph Stoakes.

Apr 26 William Davis.

May 17 Susan daughter of Jane Curtis.

Jul 7 John son of Wm: Bussel.

Jul 25 John Smith.

Aug 8 Rachel Stevens.

Aug 21 John Vowles.

Aug 23 James Fear.

Aug 30 Elizabeth Fear his wife.

Oct 3 Mary daughter of George and Sarah Napper.

Oct 20 Agur son of Wm: Hughes.

Oct 25 Sarah wife of Ezekiel Cox.

Oct 30 Honour Lockier.

Nov 25 Mrs Jane Jones.

Nov 29 Francis son of Wm: Elmes.

Dec 20 James Murry.

Dec 24 Christian Radford.

Dec 25 Mr John Jones.

Dec 25 Rebecca Fear.

Dec 29 Sarah wife of James Edgill.

Jan 10 Joseph son of James Goldstone.

Jan 22 Mr James Hazle of Sutton.

Jan 23 Ann daughter of Wm: Tosier.

Jan 31 Benjamin son of Benj: Crees.

Feb 7 Samson Bull.

Feb 11 Mary Baker.

Feb 13 Mary Goldstone.

Feb 21 John Beacham.

Feb 28 of Saml: Moor.

Mar 9 George son of Joseph Radford.



Apr 9 Mary Sheppard.

Apr 15 James son of John Perry.

Apr 21 Phillip Burt.

Apr 27 Sarah wife of James Chiswell.

May 2 John Cox.

May 16 Mary Vowles widow.

May 24 John Parker.

Jun25 Henry Purnell.

Aug 19 John Lyne.

Aug 27 Betty daughter of Heale and Mary Chiswell.

Sep 20 Thomas son of Daniel Sevier.

Sep 22 John son of Mary Ward.

Oct 3 Martha daughter of Ann Battle.

Oct 10 Ann Hazle of Sutton.

Oct 30 Margaret Telebere.

Nov 5 John son of Rich: Pain.

Dec 7 Henry Goodman.

Dec 13 Mary wife of Henry Sage.

Dec 14 Mary daughter of James Plumly.

Dec 15 Sarah Down of Sutton.

Jan 15 Jone Fowler.



Apr 24 William son of John Butt.

May 10 Mary Saunders.

May 24 Elizabeth Curtis.

Jun 27 James Goldstone.

Sep 4 John son of Wm: and Jane Fear.

Sep 16 John Mitchel.

Sep 17 Sarah wife of Mr Hall of Publow.

Oct 28 William son of Thos: and Sarah Abraham.

Nov 1 Richd: son of Jam: and Sarah Fear.

Nov 4 Mary wife of Mr Sam: Collens.

Dec 22 Jane wife of James Battle.

Dec 26 William Veale.

Jan 4 Thomas Barnes.

Jan 7 Hannah daughter of Thos: Sherborne.

Jan 16 Mr James Jones.

Jan 24 Elizabeth daughter of Jno: Lacy.

Jan 31 Florence daughter of Wm; Hughlet.

Jan 31 Mr William Fox.

Feb 18 William Edgel.

Mar 12 Mary wife of Jno: Lacy.

Mar 17 Ann daughter of Oliver Abraham.



Apr 18 Francis son of Francis Wilkins.

Apr 19 Mrs Mary Webb.

Apr 20 Thomas son of George Keedwell.

Apr 27 Chaeity daughter of Francis Wilkins.

May 25 Benjamin Binney.

Jul 13 James son of James Emblin.

Aug 26 Joseph son of John Stoakes.

Aug 27 Sarah wife of Richard Hannam.

Sep 16 Richard son of Thomas Veale.

Sep 22 Sarah daughter of William Buckler.

Oct 2 Daniel Davis.

Nov 4 Susannah daughter of Joseph Curtis.

Nov 11 Samuel Bryant.

Nov 25 Ann daughter of Richard Williams.

Dec 6 Mary wife of John Gibbens.

Dec 16 Joseph son of Benjamin Crees.

Jan 8 John Hitchin from Dundry.

Jan 10 John Tosier.

Feb 8 Mary wife of William Hand.

Feb 17 Jane daughter of Ann Hill.

Feb 20 A son of James Silcock.

Feb 21 Elizabeth White.

Feb 27 Ann Edgell widow.

Mar 17 Sarah Hill.

Mar 23 William Stoakes.



Mar 30 Mary wife of William Buckler.

Apr 21 James Maggs of Sutton.

May 8 Elizabeth daughter of the Rev. Mr William Smith.

May 13 Sarah Veal widow.

May 25 Elizabeth Carter bastard of Esther Hanny.

Jun 20 John Binney.

Jul 10 Mary wife of William Pople.

Jul 17 Sarah daughter of Thomas and Hannah Brown.

Jul 25 Robert son of George Veal.

Aug 28 Elizabeth Pavier.

Sep 2 Mr John Buckler.

Oct 5 A Bastard child of Frances Jenkins.

Oct 13 Robert son of the Rev. Mr William Smith.

Oct 29 John son of the Rev. Mr William Smith.

Dec 22 James Venn.

Dec 27 John Veal.

Jan 25 Joanna daughter of Jane Veal widow.

Jan 29 Lydia Chiswell.

Jan 30 Honour Bult.

Feb 9 Jane daughter of Thomas Tipper.

Feb 12 Jane and Sarah daughters of James Atkins.

Feb 27 Mary daughter of Samuel Stokes.

Mar 6 Mr Thomas Abraham.

Mar 13 Richard son of Richard Hannam.



Apr 23 Martin Taylor.

May 22 William Batt.

Aug 23 John son of James Silcock.

Sep 10 James Green.

Sep 10 Edward Peters.

Sep 26 Mary daughter of Mary Web.

Oct 12 Jonathan Vater.

Oct 25 Mrs Ann Strecky.

Nov 9 Mary Veale.

Dec 3 Hester wife of John Vater.

Dec 6 Hodges Streacky Esq.

Dec 12 Thos: Goldstone.

Dec 26 Mary wife of Ric: Davis.

Jan 2 Anna daughter of Jam: and Sarah Dando.

Jan 3 Mary Curtis widow.

Feb 15 John Shepperd.

Feb 28 Elizabeth daughter of William and Mary Pow.



Mar 29 John Smith.

May 26 George son of Wm: and Ursula Edgell.

Jun 3 Sarah Webb.

Jun 5 James Moon.

Jul 21 Sarah wife of John Loscomb.

Aug 9 Hester daughter of Roger Vowles.

Sep 23 Ann Goodenough.

Oct 23 Martha Batt.

Nov 2 Patience Sage.

Nov 4 Peter son of Thos: Hazel.

Dec 13 Mary Pool.

Jan 4 Freelove Plumly.

Jan 30 Samuel Lowscomb.

Mar 9 Sarah wife of John Veal.



Apr 28 Joseph Down.

Jul 5 Jane wife of George Radford.

Jul 12 Robert Parker.

Aug 27 Joanna daughter of Thos: Hazel.

Oct 28 James Page.

Nov 10 William Goodenough.

Nov 22 Samuel son of William Goodenough.

Dec 5 Sarah daughter of John Stokes.

Dec 9 Mrs Joan Chiswell of Sutton.

Jan 1 Ann daughter of James Holder.

Jan 22 Ann Tosier.

Feb 5 John son of Betty Goodlife.

Feb 5 Eliz: daughter of Joseph Hall.

Feb 19 Edward Cottle.



Mar 31 Joseph Webb.

May 9 Francis son of Francis Wilkins.

May 11 Richard Davis.

Jun 6 Willm: son of Thos: and Sarah Veal.

Jul 2 Eliz: daughter of John and Katherine Veal.

Jul 9 Ann daughter of Willm: Hand.

Jul 27 Ursula Edgell.

Aug 9 Eleanor King.

Aug 13 Joseph son of George and Ann Weaver.

Aug 14 Thos: Fox.

Aug 18 Willm: son of Willm: Binny.

Aug 25 Martha daughter of George and Betty Veal.

Sep 5 Isaac son of Isaac Cook.

Sep 10 John son of Richard and Ann Ogborn.

Sep 26 Martha wife of Roger Vowles.

Oct 20 James Hancock.

Oct 22 Hester daughter of Roger Vowles.

Oct 29 George Wallis.

Nov 12 Hannah wife of Thos: Perry.

Nov 12 Eliz: daughter of Joseph and Eliz: Hale.

Jan 7 John son of Thos: Perry.

Jan 14 John Tippet.

Feb 18 Judith wife of James Davis.

Feb 19 Samuel Veal of Bishop Sutton.

Feb 28 William Fear.

Mar 11 Frances wife of Arthur Peters.



May 14 Richard son of Richard Ogborn.

Jun 10 Martha Plumly wife of James Plumly.

Jul 1 James Phippen.