Chelvey Wills


Collated by Mary Mason.


Chelvey Wills


1421 St. Lawrence day. Edmund St. Maur Knight, Lord of St. Bridgett, Nether Went and of Chelvey Somerset.

To be buried in the Church of St. Bridgett, Chelvey, if I die in England but if in Wales in the church of St. Bridgett, Nether Went. Legacies to the Augustine Friars, Bristol, Friars preachers, Friors minors, Caemelite Friars and the fabric of the Chapel of the Blessed Mary of St. Bridgett, Nether Went. Robert FitzJames rector of Blakwell (Backwell) 30s and Philip Rector of Brockley 30s


1629 Aug 1 Edward Tynte of Chelvey.


My body to be buried in Chelvey Church, if I happen to die in Somersetshire, in the right time. My eldest son must be a ward to the King`s Majesty in respect of my manor of Othery, held in capital, who shall have and take all such thirds and profite whatsoever as shall unto his Highness shall belong, which shall be taken to his Majestey`s use out of my lands in Wraxall only.

Unto Ann, my wife, in increase of her jointure, the yearly rents of Chelvey and Muggill, and land in Nailsea, also grounds called Brickny, in Brockley, and one meadow in Chelvey, called Beane Meade, and Ground Scoyne, during her life. She to confirme to the children of William Cooke the estate and terme in a ground called Pillfield of 10 acres, which I have heretofore granted to them, being a parcel of her jointure. To my daughter Dorothy, £1000 and the whole benefit of her copyhold tenement in Middlesex, during her own life and her sister`s. To my daughter Florence£1000 on condition of her releasing the executors of my brother, John Tynte, of the payment of £200 given to my two daughters in his will. Florence to surrender the tenement in Middlesex to her sister Dorothy when requested. Dorothy to have £10 out of lands in Wraxall towards her maintenance, until she is married. Rents and profits of my ground of `Wenrams` to Florence, for her maintenance until she is married. Afterwards I give my interest theirin to my son John. To my wife and Thomas Smith and Richard Morgan, the residue of my lands, rents and in Wraxall and Fayland, over and above such as shall satisfy the King`s third part. Ditto in Backwell and Barrow, until my son and heir shall accomplish his 21st year, in trust, to pay the said £10 to my daughter Dorothy.

The residue, according to the several ages of the children, to be divided unto my younger sons, Robert and Hugh, towards their education, during their minority. To Robert and Hugh, all such lands, in Wraxall as do lie “the field” about Mr Wales house, and such as lie below “the field” and other lands, about 100 acres, to be held for them for 90 years, on condition that if at any time I or my heirs shall pay £1000 to Robert or Hugh, then my gift and devise if such lands shall determine and be void.

My friends shall permit my eldest son, to receive the yearly rents and profits and heriots of Othery. To John, my son and heir, all manors and lands in the County of Somerset and in default of him or his heirs, then to Robert and Hugh and then to Edward, my fourth son. To Edward, my youngest son, £200 to be paid at the age of 16, and for his maintenance till then, my grounds called “ Ellotts” in Wraxall, until such portion be paid. My wife shall hold and enjoy the tenement and ground called “Bartletts” in Nailsea, for her life only. I have to pay to Elizabeth, wife of John Ashe, gent, £10 per annum as long as she and her husband do enjoy their lives. Also to Andrew Dyer, gent, ditto. I appoint these annuities to be paid by my son John, out of the profits of Othery Manor. To the poor of Chelvey, £5 to remain as a stock for them, in the same manner as Cole`s money was given. To the poor of Wraxall £5 to remain in stock. £10 to the poor of other parishes, to be distributed by my wife at her discretion. Reside of all my goods to my wife Anne. She and my son John to be joint executors. My son John shall have my plate and money due on bonds and such monies as are due to me for arrearages of rent out of Sharpham Park. My wife shall have all my cattel and corne to her own use. To my brother, Sir Robert Tynte, Knight and to my nephew, Mr Charles Harbord, a ring of gold, value 40s. To my said friends and kinsman, Thomas Smith and Richard Morgan, esquires, to each one a stoned colt. To my loving brothers, Sir Robert Gorges Knight and Mr Samuel Gorges, a ring of 20s value. Proved 29 Jan 1630.



1669 Aug 20 John Tynte late of Chelvey, Somerset Esq.


Gave directions by word of mouth for his last will and testament.

£5 to poor of Wraxall. £5 to Chelvey. £10 to Otherie. To Francis Tynte his wife the Coach and Horses, wayne and oxen, corne and hay plow and tackle, all his stock without doors, all his lynnes of all sorts, all his furniture in the parlour chamber of his mansion house at Chelvey, one pair of silver candlesticks, ditto of silver snuffers, 3 silver boxes, one silver powder box, one lookinf glass with a silver frame, all his china dishes, 1 trunk, 1 dressing box, the moiety of all his other plate, 1 annuity of £50 paid to him the said John Tynte by William Trenchard esq and then payable.

An estate for the life of Hugh Tynte, Esq in one tenement.called Bartletts (Nailsea) unto the said Francis, for the life of him Hugh Tynte. Also to her the said Frances Tynte, the manor of Chelvey and Mudgill for her life.£ 100 per annum. Out of lands in Liddiard. £100 in old gold. To Mary Blower the elder £20. To Hugh son of John Bishop, the reversion of Thomas Halsey`s tenement in Otherie. To Edward Tynte £20 per annum for his life, to commence after the decease of Hugh Halswell esq. To Edward Baber his grandson the reversion of Thomas Halsey`s tenement in Otherie. To Mary Blower his servant £30. To Halswell Tynte his son one knott of diamonds which was his second wife`s, two pictures in gold one presently a blew one, the other after the decease of the said Francis, a silver tankers, 1 cabinett and the other moiety of the rest of his plate and household stuffe.

Proved 7 Dec 1761 by Halswell Tynte esquire. Frances Tynte renouncing.