The Wills and Indentures of the Blake Families of Somerset.

Collated by Mary Mason.

Excerpts of Blake Wills


1532 JOHN BLAKE of Cutcombe. To my wife Jone. Witness Robert Blake.


1559 (Archdeaconry of Taunton)

HUMPHREY BLAKE of OVER STOWEY, Somerset, Gent. Will dated Nov. 19 1 Eliz. proved May 11th 1559.  

To be buried in the parish church of Over Stowey, with such orisons and prayers, to be said and done for me at my burial and in the days of my anniversary as shall be thought most mete by my Executors, etc. To the Parson of Aisholt to pray for me 10s-. To Anstice Blake, one of the daughters of Robert Blake, for her advancement in marriage, £6 . 6 . 8. To John Blake, the elder, my son, £100. To Robert Blake, my son, £100. The Manor of Tuxwell, Somerset, to my son Robert Blake and his heirs, etc., then to Thomas, my son, then to John Blake, the younger, my son. To John Blake the elder, my son, and his heirs, lands, etc., in Bishops Lydiard. Residue to Anne my wife, and my son, John Blake the younger, Exors.

(Great Grandfather of the Admiral)


1577 Will of JOHN BLAKE the Elder of Over Stowey:

To be buried in the chancel of Overstowey.

Twelve pence to the St. Andrew, church of Wells.

Ten shillings to the poor of Over Stowey.

Ten shillings to the poor of Nether Stowey.

Ten shillings to the poor of Spaxton.

To eldest son Humphrey Blake all tenements in Plainsfield which are in the tenure and occupation of Otywell Artur. Also my land in the parish of Aisholt in the tenure of Humphrey Luker. Also all the premises in free Socage of the manor of Estgrenwiche.

To son William Blake all my land in the parish of Bishops Lydeard in Bishops Wood and Bishops Downe. Also one tenement in Plainsfield in the tenure and occupation of Robert Jenkins and all my land in Padnoller in the parish of Spaxton in the tenure and occupation of John Burnell.

To son Richard Blake all my land in Wurstin in the parish of Burnham  late in the tenure and occupation Nicolas Sheperd and now in the tenure of one Smithes and of the widow Everett‘s children.

To Johan my wife and son Richard all my interest in the Rectorie or personage of Over Stowey.

To son Humphrey, four oxen, home furnishings and six silver spoons.

To daughter Alice Richards, ten shillings.

To daughter Ann Saunders, ten shillings.

To Isabel Selleck, ten shillings and ten shillings to her son.

To all my godchildren, twelve pence.

Residue to wife Johan.

Executors: Wife Johan and sons William and Richard.

Overseers: Mr. Thomas Mallett, Esq. Robert Blake and Robert Selleck.

Witnesses: Samuel Mercer, Robert Blockinge, Ottywell Artur, Richard Blake, Robert Black, Thomas Blake, Humphrey Blake, William Blake and Richard Blacke.

(Eldest child of Humphrey Blake of Over Stowey.)


1580 3 Darcy

THOMAS BLAKE, of Wedmore, Somerset, yeoman. Will dated Dec 17th 1580, proved Jan 27th  1580, by Isabell the relict. My sons Thomas & John. My daughters Luce & Elizabeth. Residue to Isabell my wife.

Exix. William Baber, & my brother John Blake, overseers.


1592 (76 Harrington)


The will of Robert Blake of Bridgwater in the County of Somerset, merchant, made the 16th day of October in the year of our Lord God one thousand, five hundred, ninety and two, being sick of Body but of perfect memory as followeth, viz.,

Being demanded of Richard Hedges in what manner he would dispose his lands and goods he answered in manner and form following, viz.,

William Blake, my son, shall have my land at Tuxwell in Radlett. Humphrey, my son, shall have my land at Puriton,and Crandon, and Humphrey, my son, is and shall be my Executor.

(Robert Blake was buried at St. Mary’s, Bridgwater, October 15th, 1592. He was the Grandfather of the Admiral)


1609 8 Wingfields

THOMAS BLAKE died 23rd Nov 1609 proved by Frances Blake wid. Lands to my wife, then to my son Edmund and Elizabeth my daughter.

Admon. 22nd Dec 1623 to John Broughton and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of deceased, Frances Blake widow having died.


1618 71 Soame


Will dated Sep. 21st 1628, proved June 27th 1620, by his son Humphrey Blake.

To be buried at Over Stowey. Advowson of Aisholt to my son Edmund, in default to Mary my daughter, then to my son Robert. Elizabeth, wife of Humphry my son. To Ann Blake my wife, 100 marks. My son Richard. My son John. Robert Perry, gent. Humphry Blake, of Bridgewater, gent. William Blake.  Richard Blake, of Stogumber, gent. Robert Blake.

Written on the floor of the aisle of Over Stowey Church is the following:

Here lyeth the body of Humphrey Blake, of Over Stowey, clothier, deceased :

who was buried March 20, 1619. Also Ann, his wife, Dec 11th 1645.


1625 (35 Hele)


In the Name of God, Amen. I Humphrey Blake of Bridgwater within the Diocese of Bath and Wells, being at the writing hereof in good health and perfect memory, I praise God for it, do make and ordain this my last will and testament written with mine own hand as followeth, revoking all former wills by me at any time heretofore made. And first, I bequeath my soul unto Almighty God confidently believing that through His abundant mercy and the merits of Christ Jesus, my Redeemer and Saviour, all my sins to be freely pardoned and washed away in His most precious blood shedding and to be renewed with His most perfect robe of righteousness in the great day of His appearance, when and ever I trust, through His infinite mercy, to have my portion of full bliss with his elect ones in the celestial Jerusalem.

To Wells Cathedral 5s-. To Bridgwater Church 40s-. To Pawlett Church 20s-. To the poor of Bridgwater £5. To my son, Robert and his heirs, all that my manor and lordship of Puriton and Crandon with all the lands and tenements, messuages, arable meadow and pasture there- unto belonging with the appurtenances in the County of Somerset, also one double gilt silver salt, 2 silver beer bowls, 2 silver wine bowls and one dozen silver spoons with lions heads. To my son Humphrey, £l00 to be paid unto him within one year next after my decease. To my son William, one chattell lease of 24 acres or thereabouts of land meadow and pasture, with all I hold of the lands of Mr. Lottisham in Puriton afore- said, and Huntspill, together with all my estate term of years and interest I have therein, towards his education and defraying his charges in Oxford. The lease thereof forthwith to be delivered unto him and £40 within one year next after my decease.

To my son Nicholas, £100, to be bestowed on him for his better educa- tion within two years next after my decease. To my son Samuel, £20 to buy horse or cattle or sheep. To my son Benjamin, £100 to be employed for him within three years next after my decease and also the 21 years interest in 9 acres of meadow and pasture within the Manor of Hamp next Bridgwater.

To my daughter Bridgett, £200, one silver beaker, 6 silver spoons and one double gilt wine bowl. To my son Humphrey, my silver tankard double gilt and to my son William, one silver wine bowl and 4 silver spoons. I give and grant unto my sons Robert and Humphrey, and to their heirs for ever my dwelling house and the garden thereunto be- longing with the appurtenances, nevertheless my will is that Sara my wife shall have her dwelling and abode in part of the said house and also part of the said garden during only her widowhood and no longer. I give -and bequeath to my son Alexander, £100, to be employed for his best benefit within two years next after my decease. To Mr.George Wootton, clerk, 20s-. The residue of my goods and chattells not herein before given and bequeathed, my debts, funeral, and legacies discharged, I give and bequeathed unto Sara my wife and Humphrey my son whom I make my Executors of this my Last will and testament.

(Father of the Admiral)

1646 83 Twisse

ROBERT BLAKE, of Porlock, Somerset, Clerk. Will dated Apr 17th 1646. Admon. June 23rd 1646, brother George Blake. My daughter Mary Blake,Exix. My sister Ursula & her husband. My sister Mary & her husband. My father Mr Elias Blake, Parson of East Anstie


1653 176 Alchin

SUSSANA (Sara) wife of Humphrey Blake of Bridgwater. Weak of body but of sound memory did and by the consent of Humphrey, her husband, make her last will and testament 10th January 1652.

Bequeathed to her husband for his life the chattle lease of 24 acres of land in Puritan which he formerly gave her in marriage. Will proved 17 Sep 1653 at Westminster.

Sole executor Humphrey Blake.

(Sister in law of the Admiral. Sara was first married to William Sealy)


1671 Nov 30. Humphrey Blake of Over Stowey, clerk. Unto Anne Blake, wife, desiring his said wife to take care of his said child. Witness: Emanuell Cable and Grissell Scaly.


1679 (79 King)


Know all men by these presents that I, Humphrey Blake of St. Giles without Cripplegate in the County of Middlesex, Gent, being sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory (Praised be God) yet considering with myself the certainty of death ant the uncertainty of the hour of its approach do therefore (for the better composing of my mind and disposing of my estate) make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following:

To my son and daughter Robert Blake and Ann Blake, all and singular my leases, houses, messuages or tenements, with those appurtenances, goods and chattels whatsoever and wheresoever, equally between them share and share alike. They joint executors.

Witnesses, Law. Hackett, Henry Chandler, Ambrose Wade.

Codicil 10th Jun 1679.

To my son William Blake and my daughter Sarah, 10s a piece for rings.

(Buried at St. Giles without Cripplegate, 12th June 1679. Brother of the Admiral.)


Proved 1657.

The last will and testament of me, Robert Blake, written with my own hand as followeth:

First, I bequeath my soul unto the hands of my most merciful Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ, by Him to be presented to His heavenly Father, pure and spotless, through the washing of His blood which He shed for the remission of my sins, and, after a short separation from the body to be again united with the same by the power of his Eternal Spirit, and so to he for ever with the Lord.

Item, unto the town of Bridgwater I give £100 to he distributed amongst the poor thereof at the discretion of Humphrey Blake, my brother, and of the Mayor for the time being.

Item, unto the town of Taunton 1 give £100 to be distributed amongst the poor of both parishes at the discretion of Samuel Perry, once my Lieutenant-Colonel, and Mr George Newton, minister of the gospel there, and of the Mayor for the time being.

Item, I give unto Humphrey Blake, my brother, the manor of Crandon-eum-Puriton, with all the rights thereto appertaining, to him and his heirs for ever.

Item, I give unto my brother, Dr Wm Blake £300.

Item, unto my brother George Blake I give £300, also to my brother Nicholas I give £300.

Item, unto my brother Benjamin I give my dwelling-house, situate in St Mary’s Street, Bridgwater, with the garden and appurtenances, as also my other house, thereunto adjoining, purchased of the widow Coxe; likewise I give unto him all the claims I have in eleven acres of meadow or pasture (more or less) lying in the village of Hamp, in the Parish of Bridgwater, lately in the possession of the widow Vincombe, deceased.

Item, unto my sister Bridget Bowdich, of Chard Stock, I give £100, and to her children, of the body of Henry Bowdich afore- said, I give the sum of £900, to be disposed of among them according to the discretion of Humphrey, William, George, Nicholas and Benjamin Blake, aforesaid, my brothers, or any three of them.

Item, unto my brother Smythes, goldsmith, in Cheapside, I give the sum of £100.

Item, unto my nephew, Robert Blake, son to Samuel Blake, my brother, deceased, I give the gold chain bestowed on me by the late Parliament of England, also all claims I have in an annuity of £20, payable out of the farm at Pawlett.

Item, unto my nephew, Samuel Blake, younger son to Samuel, my brother, deceased, I give £200.

Item, unto Sarah Quarrell, daughter of my late niece, Sarah Quarrell, by her husband Peter Quarrell, now dwelling in Taunton, I give the sum of £200 to he disposed of for the benefit of the said Sarah Quarrell, according to the discretion of Humphrey, Nicholas and Benjamin Blake, my brothers aforesaid.

Item, unto my cousin, John Blake, son unto my brother Nicholas, I give £100. ( cousin should be nephew).

Item, unto my cousin John Avery of Pawlett, once a soldier with me in Taunton Castle, I give £50.

Item, unto Thomas Blake, son of my cousin William Blake, once commander of the Tresco frigate, deceased, now aboard of the Centurion frigate in the service, I give £50.

Item, all my plate, linen, bedding, with all my provisions, aboard the ship Naseby,

I give unto my nephews, Robert and Samuel Blake, aforesaid, and unto my nephew John Blake, aforesaid, to be divided by them by even and equal parts.

Item, unto the Negro, called Domingo, my servant, I give £50, to be disposed of by my aforesaid nephew, Capt Robert Blake and Capt Thomas Adams, for his better education in the knowledge and fear of God.

Item, unto my servants James Knowles and Nicholas Bartlett, I give to each of them £10.

Item, unto the widow Owen, the relict of Mr. Owen, Minister, I give £10.

Item, unto Eleanor Potter, widow, I give £10.

All the rest of my goods and chattels I do give and bequeath unto George, Nicholas and Benjamin Blake, my brothers aforesaid, and also to Alexander Blake, my brother, to he equally divided amongst them, whom I do appoint and ordain to be the executors of this my last Will and Testament.

Signed and scaled aboard the Naseby, 13 March, 1655.


1667 146 Carr


William Blake of Bridgwater in the County of Somerset, Doctor of Laws, being at the present sick in body but of sound and perfect memory do make my last will and testament in form and manner following:

To the poor of Bridgwater, £100. To my brother Humphrey £10. To my brother Nicholas £50. To my brother Benjamin, £50. To my brother Alexander £50. To George, Robert, Sara, Elizabeth and Bridgett Blake, children of my brother George Blake of Plymouth, deceased, £50 equally to be divided amongst them. To the two children of my nephew Gorges of Fowley in the County of Cornwell, deceased, £40. To my sister Bowditch of Charstock in the County of Dorset, £10. to my niece Sara, daughter of my brother Humphrey, £5. To my niece Bridgett Chappell, £10. To Fanny Dobbs of Bridgwater, 30s. To Farmer Pitts, servant to my brother Benjaman, 30s. I give my farm at Knoll in the Parish of Bowdrip, both lease and fee, to my brothers Nicholas Blake and Benjamin Blake for all the legacies given upon this my last will and testament and to their heirs for ever. I give all my plate to my niece Sara, daughter of my brother Benjamin. All the rest of my goods and chattels to my brothers Nicholas and Benjamin, whom I appoint Executors.

24th Oct 1667. (Brother of the Admiral)

1650 7 Grey

ANN BLAKE, widow of William Blake. Will dated Nov 1st 1650, proved Apr 6th 1651, by her daughter Ann Blake. Lands in Kensington & Brompton, Midd., & £800, to my daughter Ann Blake, at age of 23, but my son Xtopher Blake to have the lands on payment of £800 to her. My friend John Maynard of the Middle Temple. My daughter Mary Blake, £100. To my dear mother Mrs Lady Hawker, my sister Bisse, & my sister Chafin, 20s each for rings. Poor of St. Andrew, Holborn, £3. Residue to my daughter Ann Blake, Exix.


1652  Brent

ARTHUR BLAKE, of Wiveliscombe, Somerset gent. Will dated Nov 3rd 1652, proved June 16th  1653, by the Overseers during the minority of Elizabeth Blake. Arthur Blake my nephew & godson. My two youngest brothers. Mary my youngest daughter. Jane my now wife. Elizabeth my eldest daughter. My uncle Edward Blake, my brother Humphry Blake, & John Michel, Overseers.

1654 172 Mico

RICHARD BLAKE, of Neather Weacombe, Stogumber, Somerset, gent. Will dated Sep. 17th 1654, proved Dec 15th 1666, by his relict Ann Blake. My wife Ann. My eldest son John. My 2nd son Richard, &c.


1664 152 Hyde

HUMPHRY BLAKE, of Plainsfield, Over Stowey, Somerset, gent.  Will dated Jan 17th 1664, proved Dec 22nd 1665, by Elizabeth, the relict. My son John Blake. To my son Nathaniel Blake, the Advowson of Aisholt, & an annuity of £30. To my son Arthur, an annuity of £10. Tenement in Charlinch, late in the occupation of my brother Richard Blake, decd. To my son Roger, an annuity of £10 out of ‘the tenement in Lower Aisholt which I bought of Edward Huish of Donyford, decl. My daughter Elizabeth Blake,£300 at age of 21. Elizabeth, now wife of my son John Blake, & Dorothy, daughter of John Blake, 20/ each for rings. My daughter Mary Blake, a silver tankard, & £300, at age of 21. Residue to Elizabeth my now wife. £200 to son Arthur Blake.

Extrix. My friends Dr. John Sellick, of Nether Stowey, John Pratt of Thurloxton and George Upton of Fitzhead.

Elizabeth his wife was daughter of George Upton of Fitzhead


1676 45 Hale

JOHN BLAKE of Langport. (Ironmonger)

Feb 8th 1676

In the name of God Amen I John Blake of Langport Estover in the County of Somersett Iron- monger though sick of body yet of perfect Mind and Memory Thanks be to Almighty God doe make my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following viz: first I give and bequeath my Soule to my maker in and through Christ my Saviour I trust in the Resurrection at the last day I desire my Body to he buryed in the Church yard of Langport aforesaid.

Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Edith Blake twenty hundred powndes to be paid or secured by my Execiitrix in three monethes after my decease .And my Will is that if my daughter Edith doth not lyve untill shee accomplish the age of eighteene yeares or not married then to remaine to my Executrix during her naturall life And after her death to be equally devided betwene my brothers and sisters child or children remaining.

Item I give unto my servant Ann Blisset ffyve Pounds To be paid in twelve months after my decease. Item I give Twenty shillings to the use of the Church and twenty shillings to the use of the Poore of Langport To be paid in twelve monthes after my decease. My will is that after all my debts and Legacies are paid and discharged I make my wife Elizabeth Blake my whole sole Executrix of all my goods chattelles and landes that I have my Will is that after my wife Elizabeth Blakes naturall life that what she dyes possest of may remaine to the use of my daughter Edith Blake or to her child or Will is that Robert Blake of Ash Priers Gent and William Ball of Langport yeoman and Ambrose Budd of Langport mercer be assistants to my Executrix for the use of her and my daughter In Witnes whereof  I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the day and yeare abovesaid Jo. Blake.         

Sealed signed in the presence of us Ambrose Budd and Barbar Crossman.

Proved at London, 30th May, 1677, by Elizabeth Blake, relict and executrix, and on 16th October, 1699, administration de bonis non granted to Edith Phelipps, widow, daughter and only child of said John Blake.

Edward Phelipps of Montacute in co. Somerset, Knight, this 22nd  day of March, 1698.

I will that Mr. Robert Blake of Aishpriors, Mr. John Browne of Chilthorne Domer and

Mr. Thomas Smith of Ilminster, all in co. Somerset be my trustees, and I give to them £5 each.

Proved 25th Oct 1699

Edith Blake became the second wife of Edward Phelipps of Montacute, Somerset.

1655 174 Berkeley

ELIZABETH BLAKE, of Overstowey, Somerset, widow. Will dated Dec 22nd 1655, proved May 16th 1656, by John Sellick. To poor of Halse & Overstowey. My son John, £80.  My daughter Grace, £80 at 21. My son Robert. My brother John Sellick, my brother in law William Hawkins, and my cousin George Corner, Over- seers.


1667 15 Hene

GEORGE BLAKE, of Plymouth, Devon, gent.

Will dated Feb 3rd 1666-7, proved Feb 19th 1667/8. My sons George & Robert. My daughters Bridget & Jane. My son in law William Bickton.


1682 May 18 JOHN BLAKE of Pitminster, yeoman. Unto my eldest daughter Mary £200 (in case of death) unto my daughter Anna, son Malachi £30-£30 unto my youngest son John, unto my daughter Anna £200, my uncle Richard Blake, my brother in law Christopher Wilkins, William Ivory and Hanna Horsey my servants, William Gatchell my kinsman, my son William and Executor. William Gatchell and Malachi Blake to be guardians.


1682 Nov 18 WILLIAM BLAKE of Pitminster. To my brother John £50 , my sister Mary £50, sister Ann £50, owt of my halhe yardland and my Uncle Richard Blake. William Ivory, Richard Hereford and Hannah Horsey my servants. Unto my brother Malache all my estate and goods not before given. Witness: John Priest, Edward Gatchell and Richard Stocker. .


1702 1 Degg RICHARD BLAKE of Exeter Merchant. Will dated Mar 31st 1690, proved Jan 22nd 1702/3 by Johanna Crosse. My cousin Elizabeth Kempe, daughter of Alexander Kempe, late of Wellington, Somerset, decd. Residue to my sister in law Johanna Crosse, daughter of my father in law John Crosse, of Trull, Somerset, gent, Exix.


1705 MALACHI BLAKE of Wellington, clerk.

A dormant surrender, according to the custom of the manor of Taunton, of my half yard of land in Blagdon within the parish of Pitminster and of some overlands near the same to son John Blake and by another dormant surrender according to the custom of the same. Wife Mary to have the use of certain rooms in my dwelling house at Blagdon and part of the garden during her widowhood manor lands and tenements at or near Rowbarton, in the parish of Taunton, to son William, both under conditions relating to my Will. (His late father in law John Mico bequeathed to Malachi children £600, Sarah and Mary having died their legacies went to the remaining sons, John and William.) This legacy should be charged by son John out of the said half yard of land at Blagdon, £300 each to sons John and William. Also to wife and executrix Mary £50, to son Malachi Blake an annuity of £5 to be paid by son John out of the land at Blagdon until John should obtain possession of the said land after the death of my wife Mary, then John to give his brother Malachi £100.

£50 out of the Rowbarton estate for the administrators of Mary Blake at her death. Unto son Malachi Blake £150 out of the Rowbarton estate after death of wife Mary.

If any of my sons died before marriage or 21 years, their legacies to go to the survivors of them. All my books bequeathed to son Malachi, except five each for my wife and sons John and William. To my brother John Blake of London and his wife and children £5 for rings, to my brother in law Joseph and his wife my sister 20s each for rings and to her four children, Robert Park, Joseph, Elizabeth and Mary Weeks 1s each. £5 to the poor. Residue to wife and executrix Mary. Dated 5 February 1704. Proved at Wells, July 1705.



1727 107 Farrant

MARY BLAKE, relict of William Blake, merchant, of Bridgwater.

Will dated Jan 20th 1725, proved May 15th 1727, by Henry Sellick. Thomas Minturne, my first husband. To Henry Sellick, of West Monkton, £20.

Many ‘Sealeys’ also named in her will.


Halse Wills


Will of WILLIAM BLAKE of Wembdon proved in 1594 in which he refers to his father Robert Blake of Halse and his son John, under age, he desired to be buried at Halse.


1620 Will of JOHAN BLAKE of Halse, proved, 1620.


1639 Will of ROBERT BLAKE of Halse in which he refers to his wife and sons, Robert John, Richard and Edmund.


1641 Will of AGNES BLAKE of Halse, widow, pro 1641.


Administration of AGNES BLAKE of Halse, spinster. Admon. Jan 23rd 1646-7 to my brother Robert Blake.


1729 May 25 ROBERT BLAKE of Halse, gent. My wife Joan Blake, my trusty friends John Blake of Ash priors, Esquire, Matthew Haviland of Wellesford, gent and James Osmond of Sandford Peverell in the County of Devon, yeoman and Messuages, Tenements, Lands etc in the parish of West Buckland and my son Robert Blake (under age) my daughter Elizabeth Blake her said grandmother Dorothy Cape deceased, (trustees, residuary Legatees and executors) unto each of them respectively a Guinea of Gold to buy a morning ring etc.

Seal: a chevron between three billets.


1652 Will of ROBERT BLAKE of Halse proved 1652, in which he refers to his wife Elizabeth, his sons Robert, John and brother Edmund.


1753 Will of ROBERT BLAKE of Ashpriors, Gent proved in 1753, refers to sons Robert, John and Brother Joseph.


1762 Will of JOSEPH BLAKE of Ashpriors  Gent proved 1762, refers to Nephews Robert and John, sons of Brother Robert.


1782 Will of ROBERT BLAKE of Ashpriors, Esq. Proved 1782 refers to wife Francis, brother John of Halse, Surgeon, his kinsman Robert Blake of London, Gent.

Appendix. This testator has no children.


1767 THOMAS BLAKE of Angersleigh, gent: To Betty my wife all my leasehold estates at Bradford in the said County, all her gold rings and wearing apparel and the sum of £10 to buy her mourning- to my nephew William Blake of Trull £10 for morning, my niece Elizabeth Marke £10 to buy her morning, to Thomas Blake son of William Blake of Trull, gent £100 at 21 years, to John Marke son of John Marke of Pitminster, tanner £100 at 21 years. All the rest residue etc to my nephew Thomas Blake of Plimtree in the County of Devon and sole Executor. Witness: Thomas Southwood, R Hoare and R Hoare junior. Proved Nov 23 1767.


1790 HESTER BLAKE of Bath, Somerset. I Hester Blake single woman, now living in Northumberland Buildings in the city of Bath and County of Somerset do make and constitute this my last Will and Testament. I give and bequeath to Mr Robert Blake, surgeon at Nether Stowey five guineas, I give Mrs Sarah King of Haviett five guineas and I likewise give the aforesaid Sarah King all my wearing apparel. I give and bequeath to my friend and apothecary John Foster of the City of Bath ten guineas. I give and bequeath to my Godson, Robert Blake Harrison son of my nephew Harrison of Leversdown my best Damask Table Cloth and Napkins. The lease of the house I now live in I give in trust to my cousin Robert Blake, surgeon of Nether Stowey and all my Household Furniture and all my Household Linen except the Table Cloth and Napkins before devised. I give in trust to him sell and turn all into money and after paying my aforesaid legacys, just debts and funeral expences put of the money arising from the sale of the above to place the money and interest for the sole use and benefit of my aforesaid Godson. I also give and bequeath unto the aforesaid Robert Blake, surgeon all that my live hold estate which I lately purchased at Nether Stowey in the said County, In Trust to put out the yearly rents in Government security, with the money arising from the sale of the Lease of the House and of the Furniture aforesaid, for the sole use and benefit of my aforesaid Godson as soon as shall attain the age of twenty one years, at the expiration of which time I then give and bequeath to my aforesaid Godson Robert Blake Harrison the aforesaid Estate at Nether Stowey, the principal Sum vested til that time in the Funds and all the interest which has accrued form the same, to him, his heirs and assigns for ever. I hereby constitute and appoint the aforesaid Robert Blake, whole and sole Executor of this my last Will. 7 Oct 1790.Witness: Mary Foster and William Whittle.


1838 HANNAH BLAKE widow of Compton Dundon.

This is the last Will and Testament of me, Hannah Blake, of the parish of Compton Dundon in the County of Somerset, widow. I give and bequeath to my son William Blake all that cottage or dwelling house now converted into two dwellings, one of which is occupied by Thomas Witcombe and the other by the Overseers of Compton Dundon for the use of the poor. To hold to him my said son William Blake his Executors, Administrators and Assigns for all my estate and interest there in. I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Ann all my shop fixtures and shop goods and stock in trade of every description book and other debts due to me at the time of my decease for her own sole use and benefit subject to the payment of twenty pounds in twelve months next after my decease which sum of twenty pounds I devise and bequeath unto and amongst my son William Blake, Ann the wife of Thomas Hooper, Jacob George, Sarah the wife of James Ball, Frederick Buckstone son of my late daughter Elizabeth and to Thomas Andrews son of my late daughter Dinah, equally between them, share and share alike. All the rest residue and remainder of my estate and effects, plate, linen, china, household goods and furniture, I give and bequeath to and amongst my children and grandchildren as that is to say, to my son William Blake, Ann the wife of Thomas Hooper, Mary Ann, Jacob George, Sarah the wife of James Ball, Frederick Buckstone son of my late daughter Elizabeth and Thomas Andrews son of my late daughter Dinah, share and share alike. But it is my particular wish and desire that the present or any future husband of my said daughter Sarah is to have no control over the property given her by this will, but by her receipt alone is to be discharged for all monies paid her under the wishes of this my last Will and that she is to have only a life interest in the legacy above given her, and that after her death it is my wish and desire and I hereby give such legacy to and amongst her children, share and share alike. In testimony whereof I the said Hannah Blake the Testatrix have to this my last Will and Testament, set and seal this twenty seventh day of December in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and thirty seven years, but before I sign it I appoint my daughter Mary Ann whole and sole Executrix. Proved 1838 January 25th.

Pitney: 1794 Feb 3rd Thomas Blake of Compton Dundon married Hannah Bartlett.


Associated Family Wills.


1650 NATHANIEL UPTON of Fitzhead, Som, gent. Will dated 11th Oct 1650.

To my wife Catherine, the farm at Great Bickley for life or forty years if she and Robert Canson live so long, remainder to George, my son; to the four sons of my son in law Robert Blake, viz: Humphrey, Nathaniel, Arthur and Roger Blake, each £10 at 21.

Proved 8th May 1651.


1665 CATHERINE UPTON of Fitzhead, Som. Widow. Proved 16th Feb 1665.

My daughter Elizabeth Blake, late wife of Humphrey Blake, gent dec. £40.and to John Blake son of the said Humphrey 20s. To Nathaniel, Arthur, Roger, Elizabeth and Mary Blake, my grandchildren, sons and daughters of the said Humphrey, £20 each at 21.

To be buried at Fitzhead Churchyard.


1646 WILLIAM SEALY of Bridgwater, Som, Merchant. Will proved 10th May 1646 by Susan Sealey widow. My brother in law Mr. Humphrey Blake.


Will dated 26 May 1609 and buried in Lydeard St Lawrence churchyard.

To son Thomas, £40 and land in Woolavington called Preston Close.

To son Christopher, £40 and two meadows (7 acres) in Halse called Haleswood.

To son Robert, £40.

Wife Ann and son Thomas were to give his daughter Agnes, life tenure of a house called Northwalk in Cheddon Fitzpayne, if she paid out of the property, 40s a year to his son John. If this was done, Agnes was to give up her rights to a house in Chappeoey, in the parish of Lydeard St. Lawrence, which was to be given to his sons, Robert and Christopher.

To daughter, Joan Wrentmore, 10s and £3 to be divided between her sons, Thomas, John and Nicholas.

To daughter, Elizabeth Wolcott, 10s and 20s to her son John.

Residue to wife Anne, who was made Executrix.

(Thomas Saunders wife was Anne Blake daughter of John Blake the Elder.)


1586 Archdeanory of Taunton

JOHN TUXWELL, of Spaxton, Somerset. Will dated June 16th 1586, proved 1586. To he buried in the Church before my seat. Lands, &c to my mother Alice Tuxwell for life, and at her death to George Dodington, Gent, my father in law, John Haines als Milton, my uncle, Humphrey Blake and others, for 21 years in trust for Mary, my daughter, under 21. My wife Johan & my daughter Mary, Extrices.


1611 WILLIAM HUISHE of Aller Som, Gent . Will dated 12th June 1611.

To my sister Elizabeth Blake, 20 nobles.


1617 JOHN PERRY of Halse, Gent died 7th May 1617 – Mentions son in law Robert Blake.

Witness Simon Sydenham.


1651 ROBERT JESSOP, Rector of Kilve, Som, Clerk. Will proved 23rd Jan 1651.

My Grandchildren, John and Richard Blake sons of Richard Blake of Stogumber and Ann his wife.


1722 198 Marlboro

ANN LUTTRELI, relict of Edward Luttrell, the younger, Gent., decd. Will dated Mar 19th 1722, proved Oct 27th  1722, by Waiter Hungerford. To be buried in the Parish Church of Brimble (Bremhill), Wilts, near my Mother Dame Frances Hungerford, and £100 to be laid out in a monument to her and to myself, and £100 for my funeral and carriage of my corpse. To my cousin Diana Blake, daughter of James Blake, of Russell Street, Bloomsbury, my gold watch, chain, etc. My brother Walter Hungerford’s wife. Mourning rings of 10s each to my brother Ducy Hungerford and my cousin Jane Blake. To my nephew John Keat, £10 for mourning. Residue to my brother Walter Hungerford, Esq. in trust for the benefit of my only son until he is 21 or married, and if my son should die, then I give the said residue to my brother Walter, he to be Exor. To my brother Ducy Hungerford and my nephew John Keate, £100 each. To the poor of Brimble (if my son should die) £500, the interest to the poor.


Index of Somerset Wills 1812-1837.

Somerset Record Office DD/ED.









Blake Ann






Blake Edward






Blake Hannah


Compton Dundon




Blake James






Blake Joan






Blake John






Blake John


Nether Stowey




Blake John


Nether Stowey




Blake Richard






Blake Robert






Blake Robert


Combe St. Nicholas




Blake Susannah






Blake Thomas


Compton Dundon










Somerset Wills Index by Sir Mervyn Medlycott.

References from the Somerset Record Office.








Blake Agnus




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Blake Agnus






Blake Agnus




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Blake Edmund



Nether Stowey



Blake Edmund



Nether Stowey



Blake Francis






Blake Hester






Blake Humphrey



Overy Stowey



Blake Humphrey



Overy Stowey



Blake James




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Blake James






Blake John




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Blake John






Blake John






Blake John






Blake John






Blacke John






Blake John






Blake John



Curry Rivel

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Blake John






Blake Joseph



Ash Priors



Blake Nathaniel




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Blake Nicholas




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Blake Richard



Lower Waycombe

FBC 31/pt/V


Blake Robert






Blake Robert






Blake Robert






Blake Robert






Blake Robert






Blake Robert






Blake Robert






Blake Thomas






Blake William






Blake William




TWP p.131


Blake William






Blake William






Blake William



















WDC = Office Wills Collection

BLK = Blake Wills

MGR = Moger Collection


The Blake Wills and Documents of Wiltshire.


1476. Will in Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

John Blake Esq of Nether Wallop. Will dated 24 Feb 19. Henry VII.

Body to be buried in Church of St. Andrew in Nether Wallop near Sepulchre to my late wife Margery. To my mother Church of St. Swithin, Winchester 40d. and Church of Our Lady in New Sarun 40d. To curate and Church of our Lady Calne 12d. To Roger Blake 20/-. To Roger of Pynelles; To John Dauntesy, cousin of my wife 10/- To John Blake, my servant 20/-; To my late servant Robert Blake, yeoman 10/-. John Dauntesey shall have moiety of all manors and lands within countries of Southampton and Wilts or elsewhere except certain lands mentioned in Compton and Calne. (which he refers to in connection with his brother Robert Blake).


Thomas Blake of Pynells.

Son of Roger Blake of Pynells. Acquired property: 2. Elizabeth I.(1560)

Henry Chaver and Thomas Blake and Edith his wife acquired for £80 messuage and land in Stokewoode and Quemberford. and in 17. Elizabeth I (1575) John Michael and Thomas Blake and Edith his wife, four messuages, five gardens, five orchards, land and common pasture for all cattle with appurtenances in Burbage and in 18. Elizabeth I (1576). William Button Esq and Thomas Blaake, Esq and Edith his wife, six messuages, twenty gardens, twenty orchards and lands with appurtenances in Shawe, Overton, Alton, Barnes, Kynnet, Huysshe, Burbage, Durlee, Collyngborne, Eston, Wootton, Chesburie and Sevenocke, £140 and in 14/15 Elizabeth I (1572) in conjunction with his brother John of Hillcote, Leonard Ivie and John Blaake and Thomas Blaake (armigar) messuage and lands in Shaw and Overton 160 marks.


1504 John Blake of Nether Wallop, son of Robert Blake of Quemberford.


Will John Blake, Esquier of Nether Wallop is at the Diocesan Registry, Salisbury.

Post Mortem; He was sized in fee of 2 messuages, a watermill and 7 burzage tenements in Calne worth 100/- held of the King in burbage; 200 acres pasture in Stoke and Stokely, worth 40/- and a capital messuage in Compton Basset by Knight Service Estate to John Dauntesy and his step son Richard Dauntesy. Rest to Robert Blake, brother and Alexander Blake. (nephew)


Avice Blake died 1474.


1474 Inquest taken at Devices 29 Oct 14. Edward IV.

John Malewyn was seized in his desmesne as of fee, 8 messuages, 184 acres of land, 28 acres of meadow, 21 acres of pasture, and 6 acres of wood with appurtenances in Erchefount and Wedehampton, Co. Wilts. and  had issue Roger and Agnes and in such state died seized, after whose death same messuages, land, meadow, pasture and wood decended to Roger as son and heir of John, by which Roger enfeofted Avice Blake for the term of her life and afterwards Roger took to wife the same Avice and had issue Joan, daughter and heir of Roger on his death. And Avice took Robert Blake. And they say that said messuages are held of the Abbey of St. Mary, Winchester and are worth yearly in all £9. Avice died 29 Oct 13 Edward IV and John Blake is her son and nearer heir and is 40 years old or more.






January 12 at Wells.

This indenture made October 25 1574 between John POPHAM of Wellington, esquire and John BLAKE of Plainsfield, yeoman, witnesseth that whereas Read Stafford, esquire and Mahilde his wife are seised in her right for term of her life for her dower, of the inheritance of Nicholas Williams, deceased, sometime her husband, by the assignment of the Queen’s majesty, among other things, of one tenement and 20 acres of land, meadow and pasture, now or late in the tenure of Richard Leker; one tenement and 11 acres of land and meadow, sometimes in the tenure of Henry Croker alias Croke; one tenement and 14 acres of land and meadow now or late in the tenure of Richard Murley; one tenement and 16 acres of land and meadow now or late in the tenure of Alice Arthur; one tenement and 1 acre of land in the tenure of John Fideyne; all in Plainsfield; one close of land in Ayshotte called Morlymere now or late in the tenure of Richard Leker; and one tenement and 4 acres of land in Plainsfield now or late in the tenure of John Hornball; the reversion of the premises belonging to the Queen; and whereas the Queen by letters patent of July 19 1574 did grant unto Robert, Earl of Leycester the reversion of the premises, to holde of the Queen as of her manor of East Grenewiche in free socage; and where the said Earl by his writing sufficient in the law bearing date July 20 in the same year did sell the reversion to John Popham, now John Popham hath sold the reversion to John Blake, with all deeds concerning the premises; to hold of the Queen as aforesaid. And John Popham doth covenant that the premises shall be discharged of all encumbrances, the estate of Mabilde; leases not exceeding three lives, a yearly rent of £6 13s 4d grated unto William son of John Popham out of the tenement in the tenure of Alice Arthur and the rents due to the chief lord of the fee, excepted; and all that John Popham for the further assurance of the premises to John Popham shall during the space of three years next coming do all such things as shall be devised by John Popham.



March 30 at Chard.

This indenture made March 6 1606 between Robert Blake of Cutcombe, yeoman and John Blake of Cutcombe, yeoman witnesseth that Robert Blake for £5 hath sold to John Blake his messuages, lands and rights called Newham in Cutcombe; Le Hearne alias Stutfold and Heathfield alias Over Stitford in Timberscombe alias Imbercombe; common pasture upon a place called Langdon in Timberscombe; and all his other lands and rights in Cutcombe and Timberscombe; with all deeds concerning the premises; to hold of the chief lord of the fee by the rents accustomed. And Robert Blake doth covenant that all fines of the premises shall be to the use of John Blake and warrants the premises to John Blake. And Robert Blake hath appointed William Goare and Gregorie Bryant his attorneys to give possession of the premises to John Blake.



April 6 1636

This indenture made March 23 1636 between John Saunders of Taunton, clothier and George Powell of Taunton, phisicion witnesseth that John Saunders for £250 hath sold to George Powell that portion of tithes of corn, grain, hay, wood, flax, hemp and lambs and all other tithes in Holford and Paulingfielde in the parish of Combeflory or elsewhere in Somerset to the late dissolved Pryory of Taunton belonging and parcel of the possessions heretofore in the tenure of Thomas Scaman and now in the tenure of Margaret Saunders, widow, mother of John Saunders with all rights belonging too and all deeds concerning them; to hold of the King as of his manor of East Greenwich in free socage.

And John Saunders doth covenant that he hath full power to sell the said tithes and that they shall be discharged of all encumbrances made by John Saunders, Symon Saunders his brother or Symon Saunders his father, except a grant of the premises made by Symon Saunders the father to Margaret his wife for life, and that he will do all such things as shall be devised for the further assurance of the premises to George Powell by fine or otherwise as shall be devised by George Powell.



May 9 1667.

Between Humphrey BLAKE of Twickenham, Middx. gent., of the one part, and Augustine QUESTION of Carhampton, Somerset, gent., and Nicholas BLAKE of Dunster, Somerset, gent., of the other part, witnessing that the said Humphrey Blake, for £120 paid him by said N. Blake, and 5s said A. Question, hath sold to said A. Question and his heirs 691 acres of land in Puriton and Bawdripp, parcel of the Manor of Crandon-cum-Puriton, demised for 40 years by Robert Blake of Bridgewater, Esq., to said Nicholas Blake, 13th April, 1649; and 33 acres in the same parishes and manor, demised by said Robert Blake for 40 years to Robert Bowdich, at the same date - to hold the premises to the said A. Question and his heirs for ever; in trust for the said Nicholas Blake and his heirs.

This deed was acknowledged in Chancery by the said Humphrey Blake, 7th Aug., 1667. (Close Roll, vg Chas. 11. i667, Pt. 3, No. 10.)