Blagdon Marriages


Transcribed by Mary Mason.


May 6 Ezekiel Brocke, miner and Hanah Plumer, singlewoman, botp.

May 22 Water Langly, shoemaker of Axbridge and …enre Brentisford, singlewoman of Blagdon.

Feb 5 George Williams, husbandman of Nempnett and Hanna Derrick, singlewoman of Blagdon.

Feb .. James Hebrott, taylor and Hannah  Lewis?, singlewoman.



Last day of December Richard Yeeles and Joane Baber botp



Feb 2 Edward Carpenter and Mary Gallop.



Jul 20 Thomas Clarke, tayler of Blagdon and Frances Knight,of Chew Magna.

Aug 19 William Wathells and Elizabeth Whitinge, botp.

Oct 13 James Clarke, husbandman and Margery Broocke, singlewoman, botp.

Sep 23 James Whitewood and Joane Merrow, botp.

Nov 4 John Tucker and Ann Dory, botp.



Apr 26 George Chapman and Anne Burkett.

Oct 6 Richard and Mary Yeeles.



Apr 5 William Harris and MaryPurnel. (faded)



Aug 30 James Jlulmer and Martha House.

Oct 21 George Capell and Honner Whitin.



Jan 24 William Ozen and Katherine Pyke.



Apr 20 William Light and Mary Thitiniz.

Apr 30 Thomas Collins and Ruth Vowls.

May 18 Joseph Hill and Grace Parsons.



Samuel Stevens and Joyce .dae.



May 1 John Web and Emblin Whiteing.

May 26 Thomas Cox of Yeaton (Yatton)and Mary Harris.

Nov 9 William Notcott of Wrington and Mary Woodwall.

Feb 15 Henry Hipsly of Brockly and Mercy Adams.



May 1 Samuel Parker of Ubly and Elizabeth Gray.

Aug 27 William Oxen of Blagdon and Jane Brookman of Axbridge.

Nov 21 William More and Jane Web, botp.



Oct 27 John Cope and Martha Chapman.

Nov 21 Paul Clarke and Prudence Brunt.



Dec 12 John Gill of Chedder and Martha Clarke d of the clerk of this parish.

Jan 14 John Thatcher of Temple and …………..



May 2 George Stacy and Anne Shepherd, botp.



Jun 18 Thomas Maynard and Mary Vowles, botp.

Nov 2 John Holbrook son of Wm Holbrook otp and Jane Youg of Winford.

Nov 2 John Lendon of Cheddar and Elizabeth Thomas daughter of John Thomas otp.



Apr 25 William son of John Thomas of Rickford and Hester Moore of Berrington.



Mar 27 Thomas Yeeles of Wrington and Martha Ozen otp.

Apr 2 John Robboroh of Stanton and Deh Vater otp.

Sep 25 James Plumer son of James Plumer and Martha Ozen daughter of Mary Ozen, widow.

Dec 4 Thomas Baynard Esq and Judith Leman, widow.

Jan 25 John Ozen and Cecilia Panes, botp.



May 3 Gabriel Abram and Elizabeth Smith.

Feb Richard White and Barbara Stacy.



Nov 5 Thomas Moore and Magdalen Moore.



May 8 Benjamin Stacy and Hannah Dod, botp.

Aug Thomas Rodford of Ubley and Anne Warden, otp.

Feb 22 John Fuller of Chewton Mendip and Mary Willet of Wrington.



Apr 16 William Ozen and Hester Stevens.

Apr 16 John Haswell of Barrow Gurney and Elizabeth Cooke of the same. Lic.

May 10 Cadwallader Jones of Ashbrittle, Esq and Mrs Elizabeth Hippesley of Stoneaston, widow, Lic.

Nov 26 John Ozen and Mary Hill.



Mar 3 Thomas Stacy and Judith Spindleton.



Jun 9 Edward Gallop and Mary Moore.



Apr 13 James Gallop and Hannah Derrick.

May 31 James Brock and Eliz: Bath.

Dec 20 Thomas Morse of Chewstoke and Hannah Yeeles.



Apr 6 Joseph Gallop and Elizabeth Fisher.

Oct 2 William Abram and Eliz: Lane.

Jan 29 John Leman and Joane Plumly.

Feb 5 Richard Maine and Eliz: Chapman.



Aug 5 Thomas Whiting and Mary Lockson.

Aug 15 John Plumly and Joane Walter, widow.

Oct 1 Robert Collier and Jane Abram.

Dec 27 Thomas Collins and Sarah Whiting.

Jonathan Barrow and Anne were married.



Jul 3 George Whiting and Hannah Vaughan.

Jul 4 George Clarke and Mary Whitehead, of Ubley.

Oct Edward Spurlock and Mary Vowles.

Oct 23 Roger Flower and Sarah Gregory of Chewstoke.

Mar Thomas Clarke and Mercy Ozen.



Jan 16 John Grey of Morton and Hanah Brawler.

Apr 20 John Amory of Wrington and Mary Talbot, otp.



William House and Mrs Fearne, widow of Rowborough.

William Wocok of Bitten in the County of Glouster and Alice Evans als Wilsheere.



Mar 27 John Cooke of Wookey and Rebecca Stevens.

Mar 27 Thomas Baker of Berrington and Eliz: Capell.

Oct 23 Wm Buffery of St. Philips in Gloustershire and Susan Clarke.



Jul 18 James Andrewes and Elizabeth Coby/Covy, widow, both of Ubley.



May 13 Thomas Oram of Warminster within the parish of St. Cuthberts in Wells and Hannah Inman of Congresbury.



Mar 30 Nathanael Milner of Compton and Anne Browne of West Harptree.

Feb 4 Samuel Carpenter and Joanne Loxton.



May William Wese of West Harptree and Mrs Sarah Westoby of Blagdon.

Jun 2 Edmund Derrick and Sarah Phelps both of Ubley.

Dec Henry Helliar of Bath and Mary Bisre of Axbridge, widow. Lic.

Jun 29 Richard Meggs and Martha Meggs of Kilmarston.



Dec William Abram and Anne of Dundry.

Feb 6 Richard James and Mary Adams.



Jul 29 Mr Henry Knight of West Knighton, Dorset and Mary Hearne. Lic.

Aug 16 John Baber and Anne Lacy of Banwell. Lic from Wells.

Oct Samuel Parker and Anne Wathell.

Feb 5 John Brunt and Anne Barrow.



John Whiting and Mary Westeby.

Aug 1 Joseph Goold and Sarah Gray both of Burnham. Lic.



Apr 16 Joseph Woland and Joane Macy.

Nov 23 Israel White and Eliz: Butt.



Jun 3 George Capell and Anne Feare.

Nov 1 William Shephard of Easton in Gordano and Lydia daughter of Mrs Judith Westoby.



Apr 25 Richard Vowles of Litton and Hannah Wathell.

May 1 John Adams and Hester Ozen.

Sep 28 Thomas Hardy and Sarah Thomas, widow.

Mar 16 Thomas Walker of Glastonbury and Mary James. Lic.



Apr 30 James Dier and Hannah Stevens.

Jul 20 Thomas Foard and Anne Young.



Aug 22 John Whiting of Mark and Anne Whiting.



Jun 30 Thomas Loxton and Ruth Ozen.

Apr 4 Robert Dibbens of West Harptree and Sarah White.

Apr 28 Thomas Clarke and Anne Moore.

Sep 18 Wm Roe and Jone Heath.

Oct 13 Jeremy Clarke and Mar   Chapman. widow.

Nov 3 John Stacy and Sarah Haines.

Dec 22 Clement Gullock and Phebe Fry.



Jun 24 Edward Capell and Betty Stevens, als Stacy.

Jul 16 John Sommers of Kewstoke and Charity Cole.



Mar 29 Francis Derrick and Jane Ozen.

Feb 28 Samuel Rowlins and Grace Hales.

Mar 30 Thomas Loxton and Sarah Edwards.

Apr 19 John House and Alice Gane.

Jun 3 John Ozen and Mary Phelps.

Aug 16 Richard Stevens als Stacy and Eliz: Thatcher.

Feb 28 Henry Brock and Sarah Bristow.



May 1 Joseph Clark and Martha Clark.

Jun 4 John Moore and Elizabeth Abram.

Jun 3 Wm Clarke and Frances Oldish, widow.



Apr William Plummer and Hannah Hinton.

Sep 6 Simon Browne and Sarah Dale.



Apr 21 Thomas Maine and Anne Collier.

Feb 20 John Hipsley and Elizabeth Ozen.



May 3 George Gallop and Hannah Thatcher.

Jun 6 George Foard and Mary Spurlock.

Jun 20 William Feare and Sarah Plumer.

Nov 11 William Thatcher and Mary Jacob.



May 1 William Panes and Mary Gallop.

Oct 3 William Keate and Hanna Hales.

Jan 3 George Hippisly and Sarah Leman.



Jun 18 Caleb Harris and Mary Stevens.



Apr 15 James Gallop and Elizabeth Feare.

Dec 17 John Stokes and Elizabeth Pool.

Jul 13 John Plumer of Bristol and Abigail Burrows.

Dec 17 John Stokes of Chew Magna and Elizabeth Pool.

Dec 29 John Stevens and …………… Ducket, widow.

Jan 31 John Weeks of Rodney Stoke and Anne Adolphe.



May 6 Edward Bull of Paulton and Elizabeth Carter.

May 20 Edward Menty/Plenty of Wells and Mary Redman.

Jun 8 George Mathalin and Sarah Feare, widow.

Jun 11 John Lee and Hannah Tovy.

Aug 13 John Clark of Compton and Martha Fox.

Nov 17 Michael Oldish and Elizabeth Philips.



Mar 31 Wm Abram and Joan Hall.

May 3 George Dier and Mary Gallop.

Jul 2 William Whiting and Sarah Stevens.

Feb 8 John Clark and Sarah Clark.



Apr 26 Charles Megs and Hannah Coome.

Oct 21 Richard Dibbens and Mary Tibbete.



May 1 James Cole and Dorcus Parker.



Apr 4 Thomas Whiting and Sarah Cole.

Dec 31 Richard Barrow and Sarah Collins.



Dec 31 Richard Panes and Jane Morris.



Feb 4 Henry Hooky and Jane Peirce.

May 1 Thomas Abram and Grace Whiting.



Nov 21 John faded.



Nov 5 Wm Savidge and Anne Chapman.

Jan 25 Joseph Whiting and Anne Wills.

Apr 21 Thomas Cole and Jane Morse.



May 2 Wm Collins and Eliz: Loxtone.

May 6 Sam: Vatter and Anne Sheppard.

Aug 8 John Addams and Jane Abram.

Nov 28 Henry Brant and Hannah Clarke.

Jan 29 John Pill of Midsummer Norton and Hannah Wills.



Jun 27 Edw: Crooker of Berrington and Mary Young.

Aug 25 Sam: Hancock and Anne Challendar.

Sep 24 Rich: White of Berrington and Ruth Prissel.

Jan 28 Sam: Carpenter and Mary Bishop.

Feb 8 John Hedges of Backwell and Anne Ford, otp.



Dec 30 Wm Clarke and Hannah Clarke.

Feb 20 Rich: Chapman and Grace Abram.



Dec 2 John Abram and Sarah Andrews.

Apr 2 John Allen and Mary Ozen. Lic.

Jan 16 Jon Wright and …. Gatcombe. Lic.

Mar 4 Jonathan Gifford of Bedminster and Martha King, otp.



Oct 30 Geo: Foord and Anna Collier.


1729 (The next few entries are very faded.)

Apr 13 Wm Parker and Mary Allen.

May 1 Jacob Clarck and Ann Fuller.

Sep Joseph Lucas of Horsingtor/Harpington …..? (faded) and Anne Briant?, otp.

Sep 28 Stephen …….. and Gertrude Clarck, botp.



May 25 Monday. Michael Oldish? and Grace Graham.

Jul 9 Richard Capel and Ruth House.

 Oct 20 Wm Sperring of Butcombe and Mary Leman, otp.