1408 Mar 17th.


Collated by Mary Mason.


Will of John Beausant of Northcurre.


Friday the 17th of August, A.D. 1408. I John Beausant of Northcurre make my will as follows:

First, I bequeath my soul to God, the Blessed Mary his mother, and all his saints, and my body to be buried in the Churchyard of the Friars Minors in the city of Winchester.

Item, I bequeath to the fabric of my parish Church of Northcurre, 6s 8d.

Item, to the Vicar of the said Church, 6s 8d.

To Sir John Wolf, chaplain of the Church, 12d.

Item I bequeath to the fabric of the chapel of Northcurre, 3s 4d.

To Sir William Wyllyg of the said chapel 3s 4d.

To Sir John Mylys 3s 4d.

Item, to the fabric of the Church of St. John in the soke of Winchester, 12d.

To Sir Richard, rector of the said Church, 12d.

Item, I bequeath to Sir John Ferror, chaplain of the said Church, 6d.

To Sir John Pryccher, another chaplain of the said Church, and to Sir Thomas Gornay, likewise chaplain there, 6d apiece.

To John Trent, my serving-man (famulo) 6s 8d.

Item, to William Chamber, 6s 8d.

To John Maryon, and to John, son of Richard Tanner, 3s 4d apiece.

Item, I give to Emota, daughter of Robert Gole, 13s 4d.

The residue of all my goods not above bequeathed, after payment of my debts, I bequeath to Isabella my wife, to do therewith at her pleasure: and I make the said, Isabella and Robert Beasant, my son, exectors of this my will, and Richard Tanner aforesaid overseers thereof.

Proved 30th August, 1422, and commission issued directed to the rector, vicar or chaplain of the parish of Northcurre aforesaid, to grant administration to the executors in the will named. 




Wincanton Wills :


1813  Nov 25th.


Will of John Bessant, Yeoman.


Exor: Robert Bessant, Inn-Keeper, brother.

Effects £200.


John Bessant of Cheriton within parish of Wincanton, Yeoman. Unto my brother Joseph £20 and to his Three children £20 apiece. Unto the Four children of my brother William £20 apiece. Unto my nephew Edward Rogers son of Mary Rogers my dec. sister £20. Unto my son Joshua by Mary Drake the sum of £20.


Also several legacy’s to be paid in one year. Unto my brother Joseph, wearing apparel and a silver watch, and a silver shoe buckle to my nephew Joseph Bessant. Residue to wife Jane. After dec. of my wife, my nephew William Bessant and my Three nephews Thomas, Robert and Charles Bessant, one milk lead apiece. All residue to my brother Joseph after my wife dec.         





1815  June 20th


Will of Robert Bessant, Inn-Keeper.


Robert Bessant of Wincanton, Maltster. Unto my brother Joseph Bessant £200. Unto my brother William Bessant £200. £1000 after sale of lands etc in Gillingham, Dorset and Bayford and the Farm, to be divided between the Three children of my brother Joseph, the Four children of my brother William, the son of my late sister Mary Roger. (Also mentions Roger Perrior and James George.) I give and bequeth unto Mary my wife six hundred pounds.


Witnessed by Robert Gutch, William Lane, John Parsons.





Appointment of the DOLPHIN INN and premises, Wincanton.


To George Lapham of Wincanton and Elizabeth his wife.


Whereas Robert Bessant late of Wincanton and Mary his wife (the grandmother of the said Elizabeth) in and by their deed or instruction, in writing, bearing date on the 1st Jan. 1814 under their hands.


Witnessed by John Rogers of Sudden Farm, Wincanton.


5th Sept. 1818.




* The Dolphin Inn was in 1774 called the ‘Rainbow Inn’ and was kept by William Harvey.

In 1794, it was occupied by Robert Bessant under the name ‘Dolphin.’ He remained till, 1817, in which year he died. In 1826 George Lapham was living there.


* Wincanton History by George Sweetman, pub. 1895.





1855 May 10th.


Will of John Bessant of Long Sutton and Street.


Exor. Maria Rowlands wife of George.


Unto daughter Maria all household and furniture, plate, linen and all monies in house.

Second unto my two daug. Rachel and Maria for and during the natural life of my daughter Rachel the interest from Principal Money.

Third unto my daug. Amelia all the…..of my………..daug Rachel the remaining third of the Principal sum.


Robert Mogg and John Petvin of Street to be trustees.


Witt: William Edwards.




Inventory of Goods


Jonathan Bezant of Milverton, dated 1698.


Inventory of all ye Goods and Creditts of Jonathan Bezant late of ye parish of Milverton in ye County of Somerset: taken and exercised the 24th day of May in ye year of our Lord God 1697.

 By us Alexander Corram, Lupiman Milton and Blaze Bezant as follows:

                                                                                                              £ - s – d


Impress:       Wearing Apparells                                                            6 - 8

Item:            Flocke Bedd and Beding aforesaid                             1 - 14 - 0

Item:           A Board and Forme and Trenchard and Cage                10 - 0

Item:           Two Brass Cauldrens                                                       10 - 0

Item;           Two Brass Cottage Potts and Skillett                                16 - 0

Item:           Three Pewter Platters, Flagon and Candelsticks             7 - 0

Item             Three pairs of Loombs                                                 3 - 2 - 6

Item:           Three Barrells                                                                   4 - 6

Item:           Three pairs of Crooks and Hangers                                 2 –6

Item:           All other small Implements inside and out                        7 – 6

                                                                    Total is            8 – 1 – 2



                                                          Elsonore Baezant.