Barrow Gurney Marriages



Transcribed by Mary Mason.



Mar 28 John Tretch of Barrow and Martha Weekes of Ashton.

Mar 29 Jonathan Poole of Chew Magna and Sarah Tovey of Yatton.

Apr 4 John Wookey of Congrebury and Mary Hemstrocke of Barrow.

Sep 19 Samuel Tripp of Locking and Hannah Adams, widow.

Oct 21 Thomas Withey and Ann Hook both of Dundry.

Dec 25 Paul Stallare of Stoke and Mary Wade of Chew Magna.

Jan 7 Richard Clark and Katherine Winscomb.

Jan 30 John Wakes and Joan Griffin, widow.



May 1 William Vowles and Mary Hardwick.

Dec 1 William Wine of Winford and Betty Porter of Dundry.

Feb 9 John Hall and Sarah Vowles of Winford.



Apr 2 Charles Harris and Hannah Reaman/Resman of Dundry.

Apr 6 John Poole and Elizabeth Diggins of Winford.

Apr 20 George Price and Mary Potter.

May 2 James Cottle and Betty Poole.

May 18 Samuel Day of Dundry and Martha Briant of Nailsea.

Aug 10 Joseph Ridley and Mary Davis of Bourton.

Oct 29 Samuel Conerbury of Chew Magna and Elizabeth Barns of Dundry.

Dec 25 William Ashton and Elizabeth Forth both of Dundry.

Feb 19 William James and Eleanor Payton of Dundry.

Mar 4 William Buller and Elizabeth Lewis both of Backwell.

Mar 5 William Turner of Brockley and Mary Wilcox of Backwell.



Apr 23 William Haskens and Ann Allen both of Winford.

Apr 29 Samuel Sawyer and Hester Pope of Backwell.

Jun 18 Jeremiah Edghill and Martha Sprad of Congresbury.



Apr 6 Benjamin Griffin and Deborah Wilson both of Winford.

Apr 10 William Wyatt and Mary Wilkins both of Winford.

Apr 29 James Hasell and Mary Broad both of Dundry.

May 22 William Pritchard and Susannah Watkins of Winford.

Jun 1 John Tretch of Barrow and Mary Meridith of Yatton.

Jul 6 Thomas Cole and Betty Allen both of Barrow.

Aug 21 John Cox of Winford and Mary Dibden of Backwell.

Oct 20 Robert Pope and Elizabeth Day.

Nov 3 Thomas Gay and Deborah Britton from Dundry.

Nov 17 John Allen and Ann Green of Winford.

Dec 14 Aaron Melliman and Elizabeth Moxham of Dundry.

Dec 18 George Sareal of Chew Magna and Martha Weeks of Winford.

Dec 27 William Forrest and Betty Marshall.



Mar 29 William Broad of Dundry and Mary Reesy.

Mar 30 George Willis of St. Georges and Alice Carnett of Long Ashton.

Apr 4 William Prasse of Berrow and Mary Mashman of Wraxall.

Apr 9 Jacob Hillman and Mary Young both of Brockley.

Apr 27 William Lukins and Sarah Vowles both of Winford.

May 5 William Butcher and Mary Grimsbury of Backwell.

May 25 James Paine of Midsummer Norton and Sarah Hellier of Dundry.

May 26 George Barns and Mary Weeks both of Dundry.

Jun 25 Isaac Thyer of Yatton and Mary Read of Winford.

Oct 19 John Wilson and Katherine Barnes both of Winford.

Jan 26 John Michel of Frome and Susanna Deverell.

Jan 27 John Goss and Mary Philips both of Bleadon.



Apr 19 John Wilcox and Jane York both of Winford.

Apr 19 Thomas Hardwick of Barrow and Elizabeth Bower of Ashton.

Apr 22 James Cox of Barrow and Mary Pearse of Dundry.

May 27 John Butcher of Congresbury and Sarah Haskins widow.

Dec 3 John Butt of Brockley and Ann Payton.

Dec 27 John Pether and Mary Smith both of Barrow.

Dec 27 Richard Withy and Alenlia Pether.

Feb 8 Mr Jarrett Smith of Bristol and Mrs Florence Pigott of Brockley.

Feb 10 John Snook and Betty Sprud both of Winford.

Feb 19 Benjamin Collins and Elizabeth Weekes both of Winford.

Feb 22 Richard Cottle of Barrow and Mary Durban of Brockley.



Apr 20 William Poole and Diana Vowles both of Winford.

Jun 15 William Waymouth and Grace Rome of Whitchurch.

Sep 6 Jonathan Jarratt of Backwell and Sarah Thompson.

Nov 9 Charles Cross of Burrington and Edith Allen of Winford.

Nov 16 Joseph Webb and Mary Belly both of Winford.



Mar 28 John Woodall of Bourton and Elizabeth Day of Barrow.

Apr 2 William Prowse and Elizabeth Milsum both of Barrow.

Apr 19 William Marshall and Jane Holbrook of Winford.

May 3 John Collins and Mary Escomb both of Wrington.

Nov 12 William Pool and Hannah Vowles.



Jun 3 William Reasy and Bethia Wallis.


1735 nil



Mar 28 Samuel Pegly of Bedminster and Mary Durnil otp.



Mar 28 James Guilford and Mary Hasele.



Mar 26 John Hunt and Agnes Burge.

Apr 4 Thomas Vowles and Sarah Poole.

Mar 5 Richard Hardwycke and Budding Budding of Portbury.



Apr 4 John Vowles junior and Sarah Clemment.

Jul 6 Rowland Rice and Hannah Hornbroke.

Aug 12 Stephen Hollyman and Joanne Rawlins.



Aug 4 William Marshall and Mary Weebly.



Aug 1 Richard Horwood and Christine Batt.



Jun 7 Thomas Hellier and Jane Wallis.

Nov 7 Samuel Sayer and Mary Price of Backwell.

Dec 6 Joseph Read and Sarah Brittain.

Dec 26 Edward Lane and Mary Guilford.

Jan 5 John Porter and Mary Davis.



May 1 Henry Thomas and Mary Thorne.

May 5 John King and Mary Evans of Portbury.

May 15 Joseph Wood and Hannah Cottle.


1744 nil



Jun 13 Thomas Pearce and Mary ? (could be Need/Reed.)



Apr 7 Francis Webber and Jane Buckler.


1747 nil



Oct 13 Mr. Thos. Wa.. (faded) and Betty Tinklen.



Mar 20 Thos Adams and Ann Lancashire.

Mar 27 James Hall and Jane Edwards.



Apr 10 Abraham Ford and Ann Mainard.

Mar 21 Willm. Pearce and Ann Rumney.


1751 nil



May 24 Joseph Garland and Mary Vowles.

Dec 23 John Hobler and Mary Cox.



May 3 Aaron H and Miriam Lane.



Mar 10 Joseph Hollier and Mary Victory.