Banwell Wills


Collated by Mary Mason.


1540 Mar 11. John Towkey of Banwell.


To be buried at Banwell.

All my goods to Annys my wife and John my son.

Witnesses: Sir Hew Coper, curate, Thomas Cooke, William Cooke, clerk.



1627 William Irish of Banwell, Somerset.

Admon 21 Apr 1627 to his father John Irish.


1627 Feb 20 John Irish the elder of Tower Head, Banwell, Somerset. Gent.

To my wife Christian my mansion of Tower Head etc which I purchased of Sir Robert Gorges, Knight for the term of years unexpired, remainder to my youngest son John Irish. My sons Gabriel, Joseph, George and John. Lands in Kingston Seymour, which I purchased of John Powlett, now Lord Powlett. My son Edmund. My daughter Margery 100. My son Matthew Irish. Children of my daughter Alice Sheppard. My daughter Mary Sheppard. My brother William Irish. My son John and Mary his wife.

Proved 21 May 2628 by his son Matthew Irish.

1633 Edmund Irish of Banwell, Somerset, deceased.

Admon. Dec 22 1633 to his relict Martha Irish.