Banwell Marriages




Transcribed by Mary Mason.



Apr 23 Wm Lewings (Tewings) and Betty Hall married at Winscombe.

Apr 10 Robert Hearth and Mary Sheppard.

Jun 8 Joseph Hunt and Mary Gill.

12 John Fry and Grace Cortod? of Winscombe.



Mar 31 George Norvell and Mary Watts both of Puxton.

Oct 4 Henry Allen and Elizabeth Guy both of the South Marsh by Lycons.

8 John Bayly and Jane .bury (very faded)



Mar 27 Isaac Colman and Mary Lansdown.



Apr 4 William Dyer? and Hannah Cowper.

5 Charles Bartlett and Ruth Badman from Worle.

Apr 21 Henry Hutchens and Jane Dickenson.

Jun 5 John Denmead and Patience Pim.

Feb 12 William Badman and Ann Bailey.



Apr 22 John Harris and Judeth Bayley.

Aug 13 Samuel Harvey otp and Hannah Chard of Winscombe.

Sep 15 William Luff of Mark and Betty Hobbs of Mark.

Mar 24 John Lane and Mary Payne botp.


1746 Apr 1 John Haymons and Sarah Taylor.

12 William Gill and Mary Brint botp.

Apr 30 Edward Rogers and Betty Heal botp.

Jan 1 John Rattle and Sarah Castle.

Mar 1 Hugh Goodenough of Wrington and Mary Laurence of Banwell.

3 Richard Hobbs and Dinah Lewis botp.



Dec 14 John Jones and Joanah Rowley both from Limbsom. (Lympsham)

Feb 24 William Dyer and Sarah Emery.



Oct 11 Thomas Sprud and Debrough Collings.

Nov 12 Robert Edwards and Hannah Manen.

Dec 27 William Cowper and Alice Hereman.

Jan 26 Thomas Collard and Edith Burgh.

Feb 8 Thomas Selway of Banwell and Sarah Neads.

Feb 8 Richard Stone of Chedzey and Shusannah Davis of Worle.



Mar 25 James Beacham and Elizabeth Bartlett.

Apr 6 William Maishman and Hannah Briant both from Churchill.

May 16 David Woodroff and Hannah Roper.

22 Charles wood and Ann Ridman both from Churchill.

Ot 16 Laurence Larkham and Jane Burge.

19 William Caple and Betty Jenings.

Dec 2 William Fussel and Betty Shirt.

Dec 27 Henry Stone and Edeth Smith.

Jan 21 John Latham and Rebecca Board.



Oct 18 Daniel Dunen and Shusannah Burge.



Apr 4 John Abraham and Ann Wall.

Apr 9 Hezikiah Heal and Mary Lane.

Apr 14 Henry Simm and Charity Crag.

May 1 William Cross sojourner in Churchill and Jane Hipsley of Burington.



Apr 20 William Smith and Grace Fouracres.

May 11 Samuel White and Dinah Bailey.

13 Samuel Howlett and Ann Alviss.

18 William Payne and Betty Fry.

31 John Webb of Banwell and Fortune Tutton from Shipham.

Oct 4 William Sims of Banwell and Mary Fry of Worle.



Mar 4 George Gill and Sarah Hunt.

25 William Webb and Hannah Hunt.

4 Henry Edwards and Margarett Blacke.

Nov 19 William Roe and Mary Gatcombe from Churchill.



Feb 18 Thomas Alford and Mary Maning of Worle.

Mar 25 William Danger of Churchill and Ann Horsington of this parish.