Backwell Marriages




Transcribed by Mary Mason.



            20 May John Cottle wid. and Martha Sayer, wid.

            3 Jun Samuel Parker (Cooper) to Sarah Wine, spin.


            9 Nov Samuel Day (Shoemaker) of St. George and Anna Lee, spin.

            3 Apr Simon Weston of St. Philip & Jacob, Bristol and Florence Bullock, spin. Lic.

            10 Apr Anthony Keedwell of Barrow and Hester Spencer.


            21 Mar Joseph Hailstone of Wookey wid. and Hannah Brock widow of John Brock. Lic.

            29 Apr Moses Horler and Deborah Stocks? Spin.

            31 May George Huntington and Hannah Vowles.

            4 Jul Henry Edgill of Barrow and Sarah Horler.

            16 Dec William Beakes and Elizabeth Cole.

            27 Dec John Hill and Ann Halstone.


            10 Apr William Moore and Hannah Mathews.

            24 May James Hale of Flax Bourton and Hannah Durbin.

            7 Jul William Brock of Tickenham and Jane Hales.


            24 Apr Aaron Jenkins and Mary Marford.

            15 May John Hookway and Mary Burge.

18 Jun William Bucker and Betty York.


            15 Apr George Purnell and Penelope Pool.

            22 Oct John Stevens of Nailsea and Betty Handley.

            17 Nov John Cambridge and Sarah Woodall.


            13 Apr Samuel Wolfe of Barrow and Grace Cox.

            24 Apr Humphrey Shepstone and Shusannah Hook.

            5 Jun William Drissel? of Yatton and Mary Andrew. Lic.


            28 Jun Charles Shirt and Mary Woodley.

26 Jul William Pope and Margaret Holbrok.


            5 Apr John Rew and Sarah Melthen.

            11 Apr John Carey and Nancy White.

            20 Apr Jacob Hayman and Patience Rogers.

            1 Oct John Pope and Elizabeth Potter.

            22 Nov Joseph Griffin of Windford and Mary Garland.


            18 Apr Isaac Cole and Mary Gainner.

            26 Apr William Gainner and Hannah Hale, wid. Lic.

            22 May Elisha Pullen to Mary Feacy. Lic.

            3 Jun John Facy and Ann Wallen.

            7 Sep William Purnell of Wrington, Attorney and Ann Ford. Lic.

            25 Sep Thomas Waterman and Betty Tovey.


            4 Mar George Young and Sarah Fowler.

            17 Jul William Brimblecome of St. James, Bristol and Rebecca Halstone. Lic.

            14 Feb Charles Morles and Jane Corc, wid. signed Morgan

14 Apr John Richards, Lab and Sarah Jones, spin.

28 May James Jones and Grace Gregory.


            6 Apr James Aishman, Lab. and Ann Winter.

            16 Apr Roger Hewlett of Churchill, Lab and Rachel Garland.


            3 Mar Samuel Filer, Grazier and Sarah Hardwick, spin. Lic.

            26 Apr William Spencer and Mary Batt.

            1 Jul William Hutchings and Mary Hutson.

            12 Jul Stephen Lock, Lab and Betty Berram. 

            18 Aug Frances Feltham and Mary Carpenter.

            3 Dec William Wolfe and Mary Jennings. Lic.


            14 Jun Edmund Pain and Sarah Stallard.

            7 Apr William Nicolas and Hannah Batt.


            14 Feb James Woodhall, publican and Ann Hort, spin.

            10 Apr Joseph Culverwell and Nancy Dean.

            1 May James Heal, wid and Sarah Walker. Lic.

            8 May Thomas Rogers, Ropemaker and Jemima Jenkins. Lic.

            9 Jul Thomas Butt and Ann Samms. Wid.

            10 Jul Richard Baber and Mary Barns, spin.

            14 Dec George Baber, Butcher  and Hannah Methen, spin.


            1 Jan Joseph Whitechurch of Wrington and Ann Parnell, wid. Lic.

            18 Jan Humphrey Beakes and Jane Reasey, wid. Lic.

            3 Apr Jonas Garland, Mason and Mary Pope.


 31 Mar Daniel Methin, Shoemaker and Sarah Moor, spin.

13 Jun Roger Weare of Wraxall and Martha Culverwell.

26 Nov Joel Dyer, Taylor and Hannah York.

17 Dec John Ogburn and Betty Moor.


            1 Mar John Griffin, Lab and Mary Battell, spin.

            6 Apr James Ford and Dinah Baber.

            11 Apr John Heal, Lab and Grace Haskins.

            19 Apr John Baker of Barrow and Sarah Gainard. Lic.

            28 Apr William Cole, Lab and Mary Badman, spin. Lic.

            20 May William Moor, Lab and Mary Garland, wid.

            1 Nov Richard Rogers, Shoemaker and Florence Biggs, spin. Lic.


            12 Apr Peter Ham of Bagworth, Farmer and Betty Pullen, spin. Lic.

            11 May Thomas Lewis, Blacksmith and Mary Green, spin.


            4 Apr William Pool, Lab and Martha Hodges.

            17 Apr Samuel Cleare? Lab and Dina Jenkins, spin.

            19 Apr Thomas Sharpe of Clapton, Carpenter and Ann Bodd.

            26 May John Horler, Lab and Jenny (Jane) Dibbins of Wrington, spin.

            7 Aug Richard Hyatt, Lab and Betty Barry, spin.


            27 Feb Isaac Brown, Lab and Hester Sayer, spin.

            14 Aug William Bullock, Lab and Hester Vowles, spin.

            28 Sep George Hawke, Lab and Mary Hitchinson, wid.

            30 Oct Robert Newton, Carpenter and Mary Pulling, spin. Lic.


            31 Mar John Sperrin of Bourton, Farmer and Sally Bird, spin. Lic.

            23 Apr John Cox of Winford, Butcher and Hester Cole. Lic.

            31 Aug Edward Cottle, Lab and Mary Noble. Lic.


            30 Apr Thomas Berram, Lab and Mary Mainard.

            6 Nov Thomas Bush, Lab and Hester Canterbury.


            30 Mar William Morgan, Cordwainer of Chevely and Rebecca Pool, wid. Lic.

            31 Mar Robert York, Lab and Elizabeth Britton, spin. Lic.

            11 May Joseph Porter, wid of St. George and Mary Walker, spin. Lic.

            19 Aug Thomas Broad, wid and Ruth Smith, spin.

            3 Dec John Westlake of Brockley and Jemima Garland, spin.


            15 Mar John Blagrave, Esq and Frances Blagrave, Spin. Lic.

            12 Apr John Green, Lab and Ann Dowling, Spin.

            19 Apr Samuel Williams, Lab and Ann Goodlife.

            26 Apr James Warden, Lab and Mary Gregory.

            7 Oct John Baber and Phoebe Badman of Yatton, spin.

            22 Nov Thomas Griffin, Lab and Hannah Wallis, spin.


            29 Mar William Fry, Yeoman and Hannah Lockyer, spin. Lic.

            26 Oct William Simmons, Shoemaker and Betty Young, spin.

            30 Oct William Gainer, Farmer and Sarah Weeks, spin. Lic.


            1 Jan Thomas Winscombe, Carpenter and Mary Wollen. Spin.

            29 Mar Joseph Plaster, Yeoman and Brock Ann Brock, spin. Lic.

            9 Apr John Gould, Lab and Mary Yorke, spin.

            10 Apr Edward Bird and Mary Oliver, spin. Lic.


            15 Apr Thomas Vowles, Yeoman of Wraxall and Mary Cole, spin. Lic.


            2 Jan John Westlake, Lab and Mary Moor, spin.

            2 Feb John Chaddock, Ships Carpenter and Mary Bishop, spin.

            8 Feb George Vowles, Carpenter and Rachel Weeks.

            5 May Joseph Parker, Lab and Ann Winscombe.

            7 Jun John Reed of Tickenham, Lab and Sarah Tucker. Lic.


            4 Mar Paul Hill of Portbury and Betty Ashford. Lic.

            29 Mar John Cottle, Lab and Iddie Rodford.

            5 Apr John Collins, Lab and Elizabeth Samms, spin.

            28 Jun Simon Berry of Winford, Shoemaker and Betty Neville, spin.

            22 Aug Benjamin Biggs, bat and Elizabeth Collins of Whitchurch. Lic.


10 Jan John Reed and Mary Reeves.

            21 Mar John Hopkins, Lab and Sarah Hort.

            2 Apr Thomas Willen, Lab and Rachel Haydon, spin.

            17 Apr John Tuckey, Lab and Jane Hunt, spin.

            18 Apr Thomas Canterbury and Rachel Batt, spin.

            15 May Thomas Winscombe, Carpenter and Deborah Lewis.


Banns of Marriage



            10, 17 & 24 Mar. Richard Westlake and Charity Anthony of Dundry.