Long Ashton Wills and Indentures.


Collated by Mary Mason.


1402 Mar 1st

 Margaret Lyonns, wife of Thomas Lyonns of Asshton. My body to holy burial in the place where my husband do think best. To the four orders of Friars Mendicant of Bristol, viz, Preachers, Augustinians, Carmelites and Minors 26s-8d. to be equally divided among them to celebrate for my soul and the souls of all the faithfully deceased.To the fabric of the church of Asshton 20s. To the chapel of the Blessed Mary there 6s-8d. To Alice Cosyn an annual rent of 20s to be received on the tenement which Tomas Norton holds of me in High St. Bristol, for the term of her life. I will that all the lands, tenements, rents, and services which I hold and have come down to me by hereditary right from my purchase in Bristol aforesaid be equally shared and divided between Isabella the wife of Walter Rodnay, knight, and Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Wodeville, my daughters, after the death of Thomas my husband. And if the said Isabella die without heir I will all the lands and tenements which Edmund Blanket late my husband left in his will to me and my daughter Isabella and to her heirs be sold and disposed for the bebefit of Walter Rodenay and the said Isabella or of their executors for my soul and the souls of the said Edmund and Isabella and of all the faithfully deceased.

I make my executors the said Walter and Isabella by those present signed with my seal the day and year above said.

Proved November 18th 1402. 


1421 May 31

Sir Robert Allere, vicar of Long Ashton, make my will in this manner. First I bequeath my soul to Almighty God and the B.V.M. and my body to be buried in the chancel of the church there. I bequeath to Agnes Grene a girdle of silver, six silver spoons, one bed and twelve sheep.

To the fabric of the church of Ashton, one breviary to pray for my soul. For my burial 13s 4d. The residue of all my goods not before bequeathed, after my debts are paid, I give to Gervase Stephens; and I ordain German Stephens and Thomas Pole my executors, to see this my will well and faithfully carried out, and to each of them I give 40d for their pains.

Proved 25 June 1422 and administrated granted to the executors named.


1483 July 3

Richard Chokke, Knt. (Condensed version)

I Richard Chokke knight, one of the King’s Justices of the common place. My body to be buried in the parish church of Long Ashton, Somerset in my chapel there. That there be given to every poor man and woman comying to the said church of Ashton the day of my burying jd. to pray for my soule.Also I will that my executors do be holden myn entertainment and also I will that at the same entertainment there be made a repaste of mete and drink to all thos that shall come to the same. And that ther be gevyn by myn exectours to every poor man and woman  coming to the said entertainment jd. To pray for my soule. Also I would that my excecutors finde an honest priest to sying for my soule and the soule of Johane my late wife and of my father and mother and for the soulses of William, John, William, Johane, John and John. Also I bequeath to the vicar of Ashton for my thithes and offerings forgotten or negligently with-hoden xxs.

To John Chokk my son ij playn basins and ij ewers of silver which I am daily servyd when strangers comen unyo me.ij salt servers of silver and overgilt, a little chalice ij small cruettes and a pax of silver one etc. To Richard Chokk my son (various silver pieces). To William Chooke my son a standing cup of silver also a goblet also a pot of silver and xx in money. To Thomas Chooke my son standing cups one of silver another gilt, spoons of silver, salt salvers of silver. I bequest to my daughter Elizabeth and to my son Seymour her husband a standing cup of silver and xx in money. And I forgive them the x money I lent them. To my daughter Johanne and her husband a standing cup of silver and xx in money and I forgive them the money I lent to them .I bequeath to Richard Chokk my godson of John Chooke x.(Various bequeaths to churches, abbeys etc.) To the said Dame Margaret my wife CC stirling and all the plate and goods I had with her and my three best basons and the ewers of silver, also my best standing cup of silver and one gilt, my best salt salers, potts of silver, my best gilt spoons and a dozen spoons of silver. (and other silver pieces)  Also I will that the said Dame Margaret my wife have the occupation rule of keeping and governance of all the residue of my jewelles, plate, stuff of my chapel, stuff of household and all my other goods and chattels not bequeathed. Except my money, gold and silver coined during her natural life if she keeps herself sole and be not married.

I bequeath to my said wife all my lands and tenements that I have in the towne of Bristol. After the death of my said wife, John my son have all the hangings, beddings stuff and hustilments belonging to the hall,parlar, chapel, ketchen and other houses of my manor of Ashton that remains unspent and unwasted by the discresion of my wife.

Executors: Dame Margaret my wife, William Spencer, Bristol maister, Nicolas Pyttes vicar of the parish church of our Lady of Redcliffe, Bristol, maister. Thomas Dultyng, clerk.

Overseers My said sons John, William, Richard and Thomas.


1483 September 1

Dame Margaret Chooke.

I Dame Margaret Chooke late wife of Sir Richard Chooke, knight of the Lings Justice. My body to be buried in the church of Ashton by my husband Sir Richard. To the cathedral church of Wells vjs viid. Also to the prisoners of Newgate in Bristol have every week till the xij. month be passed after my deceased a dozen of bread. Also I will that vd be given weekly to the poorest in Ashton during xij months after my decease on Fridays. I will that the shepe of Lekhampton be sold and that the money there of be divided to my cosyn Thomas Straunge and Leonars Medelton half to each. The oxen that the farmer of Lekhampton hath and the corn is to be divided between John Baryner and Nicholas Baringer his brother half each. To Allhowes Church of Ashton my gown of Blew feluett and my kirtle of blew damaske, my ring and a cover of tapestry to lay before the high alter. My sheep, oxen kyen and swine sold to make money therof. I will that all my money rents and debts that been owing to me and all my other goods that they be set in charitable deeds. I will the place of Woodspring have xli to the bylding of a place to pray for my husband Sir Richard Chooke, William Gyfford and me. I will that my executors make a window in Ashton church of lights and glazes, the windows both with my husbands armys and mine under neath the images. Saint Sonday be one of the images and Saint Gregory the other.

Execotors: Sir John Newton, knight, Mr Borton, vicar of Saint Colas and Sir Hugh Walbrond my priest.

Proved at Knoll October 8 1484.


1495 March 3

Hugh Pavy, Bishop of St. Davids.

I bequeath my body to be buried in the parishe church of Long Ashton.


1538 October 20.

Henry Newlonde of the parish of Long Ashton.

To be buried in the churchyard of Long Ashton. To St. Andrew’s chuch 4d. To the high awter light 4d. To the light of the  Crucifix half a bushel of barley. To the lightes upon the a awters in the church half a bushel of barley. To the light upon the awter in Our Lady Chapell

half a bushel of wheat.. To myn eldest son John 315 at his marriage. To my son John, the junior, £10 at his marriage. To Alice my servant 20s at her marriage.

Residue: Agnes my wife and William my son, executors.

Witness: Sir John Rowthe, vicar, William Capull, Thomas Cockes.

Proved July 3 1539.


1550 Oct 20 John Tynte of Long Ashton, Somerset.

My daughter Alice. My cousin William Tynte, of Bourton, to have the keeping of her. My uncle Robert Cocks of Bourton. My daughter Jane £20. My wife Isabell.

Proved Jan 8 1550/1


1558 Isabel Tynte of Long Ashton, Somerset.

To be buried in All Halowes Church, Long Ashton. My sons John, Robert and Thomas. My daughter Jane.


1564 John Wornell of Long Ashton, Somerset.

Admon 6 Feb 1564 to his relict, Joyce Wornell.


1569 Feb 7 Tristram Dillington of Long Ashton, Somerset.

To be buried in the Chancel. To my poor Aunt £6 13 4d. and my wife Mrs Katherine to sufficiently find her. To my godson Tristram Dillington £20 to be paid to his father Anthony Dillington. To Mr John Mannock all my apparel. My wife Exix. Mr Francis Stradling a witness.

Proved 5 Oct 1570.


1576 William Lottisham of Long Ashton, Somerset.

Admon 30 Oct 1576 to his relict Frances Lottisham. Another grant was made 7 Jun 1597 to his son Hugh Lottisham of goods unadm: by Frances the relict also deceased. A third grant 14 May 1601 to Oliver Lottisham, next of kin.


1646 Francis Cox of Long Ashton, Somerset, Gent.

My brother Hugh Cox and my sisters Rachel and Mary 40s each. William, Florence and Dorothy Cox my brothers and sisters 10s each. My father William Cox of Ashton, my sword. Poor of Long Ashton 20s. Residue to Sarah my wife. Frances my son and only child. My father Mr Sear: Clowes.

Nuncupative Will about Nov, Dec 1646 and Proved 13 Mar 1646/7 by Sarah Cox, widow.


1651 May 13 William Everard of Long Ashton, yeoman.

To be buried in Long Ashton church, in the sepulchre of my forebears. To my son Thomas £10 and all my lands. My two daughters Elizabeth and Judith £10 each at ages 16. My wife Ann, Exix. My father Thomas Everard and my kinsman Arthur Norman, Overseers.

Proved 1651 Jul 25 by Ann Everard.


1651 Oct 19 William Cox of Long Ashton, Somerset.

My wife Hester Cox. My daughters Mary and Rachel. My son Francis decd. To my son Hugh my manor of Axbridge which I purchased of the Earl of Newcastle, my land in Brockley and Tickenham. My daughters Florence and Dorothy £400 each. All the rest of my manors to William Cox, my son. Overseers Mr John Bushe and William Cox of Failand, Gent.

Admon 3 Jun 1652 to his nephew William Cox, during minority of William Cox, testator`s son who afterwards proved the Will, 24 Jan 1661, being then of full age.


1653 Feb 4 Sarah Cox relit of Francis Cox of Long Ashton, Somerset.

To my brother James Clowes, Chirurgeon, £3.To my uncle Henry Clowes 40s. Mr Gregory, son of Dr. Peake, 40s. Me Hugh Cox my brother in law 20s. His two sisters Marie and Florence 20s for rings. My Aunt Pile 40s and to her now husband 20s. To Martha Raymond of Flax Bourton, spinster 20s. Manor of Gatcombe etc to Francis Cox my husband descended to Francis Cox, my son, he being an infant of 11 years and I nominate my friend and kinsman R. Pile Chirurgeon, to be his Guardian, then to Mr Cox of Warwick Lane, London, Doctor of Physic.

Proved 28 Feb 1653/4 by R. Pile.


1666 19 Apr Francis Cox of Long Ashton, Somerset, Gent.

My wife Joan, My sister in law Frances Newcourt, £5. Martha Raymond £10. Francis Lovelace of Overstowey, £5. Poor of Long Ashton, Barrow, Flax Bourton 20s each parish. Sarah my eldest daughter Gatcombe Court, plate etc. My youngest daughter Rachel my Mill and Manor of Gatcombe etc. Exix. My Uncle William Cox of Stanton Drew, Gent. William Cox the elder of Failand and Robert Whiting of Long Ashton, Gent, Exors in trust.

Proved 22 Sep 1668 by the Exors in Trust.

Notes. Sarah Cox married Richard Cooke. She died 29 Nov 1704.

Rachel Cox married James Sparrow of Flax Bourton.


1670 Mar 31 Thomas Pigott of Long Ashton, Somerset. To be buried according to the Liturgie of the Best Reformed Church in the World, the Church of England. To my daughter Elizabeth Pigott as a marriage portion, £1500 out of my rents in Westmeath, Ireland. To my 2nd son John Pigott, chattel Lease in Banwell, Somerset and Copyhold in Queen`s Country, Ireland (after my mother`s death) and £100. To my eldest son Poulett Pigott and his heirs all my lands and manor of Brockley, Somerset, my wife to have the same for life, she paying £100 per annum to wards his maintenance and education. To my daughter Usher £20. To my son in law Sir Hugh Smyth, Sir Humphrey Hooke and their wives, my daughter in law Mrs Elizabeth Smyth, Mrs Helena and Mrs Ann Smyth, my son in law Thomas Smyth, Lord Poulett and brother in law Francis Poulett, my brother Mr Alexander Pigitt and my sisters Mrs Grove, Mrs Phillips and Mrs Fitz Gerald, rings of 40s each. Residue to my wife, Extx.

Proved 13 Feb 1673/4 by Florence Pigott, relict.


1713 Oct 12 Ann Everard of Long Ashton, widow.

My daughter Florence wife of Edward Hill the younger of Bedminster. To Francis daughter of my late daughter Ann Needs of Bristol £10 yearly until age 21 and then £50. My messuage in Temple Street. My kinsman William and Thomas Huggan. Residue to my daughter Elizabeth wife of James Lawrence of Long Ashton, yeoman.

Proved 1714 Aug 17 by Elizabeth Lawrence.





1636 at Wells.

This indenture made November 20 1636 between William Sage of the City of Bristol and William Coxe of Long Ashton, gentleman and Margaret his wife, witnesseth that William Sage for £520 hath sold to William and Margaret Coxe that messuage and 48 acres of land , meadow and pasture belonging, now or late in the tenure of Robert Fiven in Belluton; that messuage and 30 acres of land, meadow and pasture late in the tenure of Agnes Perrin, widow in Belluton, two tenements in Belluton now or late in the tenure of Richard Taylor; and all his other lands and rights in Belluton, Pensford, Publowe or Stantondrew; with all deeds concerning the premises.

And William Sage doth covenant that William and Margaret Coxe may occupy the premised discharged of all encumbrances, except a lease of the messuage parcel of the lands late in the occupation of Robert Fiven, unto Richard Bryan and two others for their lives where upon the yearly rent of £4 and one capon is reserved, a lease of the messuage, parcel of the lands late in the occupation of Agnes Perrin, to Thomas Davis for ninety-nine years terminable upon three lives for the yearly rent of 8s and a capon; a lease to William Cottrell of 2½ acres of land, parcel of the lands late in the tenure of Robert Fiven for ninety-nine years for the yearly rent of 2s and a lease to Arthur Jones of 2 acres of land, parcel of the lands in the tenure of Agnes Perrin, for ninety-nine years for the yearly rent of 2s which rents shall be payable to William and Margaret Coxe and that within the space of seven years next ensuing he will do all such things as shall be devised by William Coxe for the further assurance of the premises to William and Margaret Cox by fine or otherwise.


1638 at Mounague.

This indenture made April 10 between Sir Robert Phelipps of Mountague, knight and Edward Phelipps esquire his son and heir apparent, Thomas Smith of Long Ashton, esquire and Christopher Doddington of Lincolnes Inn, London esquire, witnesses that Robert Phelipps for the satisfaction of such debts as he shall owe at the time of his death and for the raising of money for the portions of Helena and Elizabeth Phelips his daughters and for 20s hath sold to Edward Phelipps, Thomas Smith and Christopher Doddington with the attornment of Zachary Hillard, gentleman the present lessee of the lands hereundermentioned, his manor of Mochellney, with all the messuages, lands and rights belonging; the Sheep house and the lands called Horsey containing 100 acres, sometimes in the tenure of Robert and John Lane and sometimes parcel of the manor of Mochellney, and all his other lands called Horsey in the said manor and in the parishes of Mochelney and Langport with all houses and lands belonging; and his messuages and lands in Langport; with all deeds concerning the premises.

(Thomas Smyth of Long Ashton was Lady Bridget Phelip’s nephew, his mother being her sister, Elizabeth Gorges.)