Long Ashton Baptisms and Burials.


Transcribed by Mary Mason.






Mar 30 Susanna to Richard Hicks.

Apr 10 Abel to John Paradyse alias Parris.

Jun3 Elizabeth to William Austen

Jul 27 Frances to John Wall.

Sep 14 Elizabeth to Richard Stevens.

Nov 30 Mary to Edward Hitchcoxe.

Dec 20 Anne to Robert Reade.

Jan 8 Helena to Thomas Tucker.

Jan 18 Hugh to John Smith junior.

Jan 25 Mary to Richard Bowen.

Feb 1 Thomas to George Young.

Feb 1 Margery to Thomas Horte.

Feb 15 William to Edmund Sachfield.

Feb 15 Elizabeth to Thomas Parre.



Apr 12 H….. to………James.

Apr 12 S……to John Smith.

Apr 13 …….to William Cox.

Apr 19…….,to Philip Lewis.

Apr 26……..to Simon Hopkins.

Jul 21 Richard to William Brooke.

Jul 12 Joane to John Launsdon.

Jul 16 Ezekiel to Edmund Sachfield.

Jul 26 Charles to William Trippe.

Aug 9 Joane to Richard Bowen.

Sep 28 John to John Dirrocke.

Oct 4 William to George Lynche.

Nov 15 Elizabeth to Francis Holbrooke.

Nov 22 Edward to John Greene.

Dec 13 John to John Morgan.

Dec 20 John to Edward Phelps.

Jan 3 Frances daughter to John Taylor.

Jan 6 William to Richard Beakes.

Jan 24 John to George Bucke.

Jan 24 Elizabeth to Edward Hitchcox.



Apr 7 Joseph to Benjamin and Rachell Garner.

Apr 10 Esther to John and Rachel Higgins.

Apr 14 Ann to John and Mary Maine.

May 6 James to Richard and Grace King.

May 19 Hugh to Hugh Smith, Knight and Baronet and Lady Anne.

Jul 9 Rachel to Mr. Francis and Joan Cox.

Jul 16 Nicholas to John and Thomasine Garland.

Sep 15 Nicholas to Nicholas and Joan Tombs.

Sep 15 Richard to William and Frances Browne.

Oct 20 Joan to Richard and Esther Harwood.

Dec Elizabeth to Robert and Sarah Collmer.

Feb 5 Mary to Roger and Alice Veale.

Feb 10 Charles to John and Eleanor Cambridge.

Mar 19 William to Lawrence and Rachell Zelfe.



Mar 30 Susanna to Nicholas and Joan Tombs.

Feb 23 Anne to Richard and Charity Dirrock.

May 25 Anne to John and Mary Holbrook.

Jun 29 Anne to Thomas and Hannah Tuckie.

Jul 19 Deborah to John and Mary Maine.

Sep 24 Rachell to William and Mary White.

Sep 30 Gabriel son to Joseph and Elizabeth Dangerfield.

Nov 3 William to Roger and Alice Veale.

Jan 1 Thomas to Richard and Sarah Hardin.

Jan 21 Joseph to Thomas and Mary Wright.

Feb 23 William to William and Frances Leach.

Feb 28 Mary to Robert and Mary Davis.



Apr 6 Ann to Thomas and Martha Maine.

May 9 Mary to Benjamin and Jane Sharp.

May 14 Frances daughter of Lewis and Ann Thomas.

May 24 Mary to Richard and Charity Derreck.

Jun 10 Anthony to Anthony and Mary Field.

Jun 22 Mary to Thomas and Mary Weight.

Jul 2 Mary to Richard and Judith Day.

Aug 10 Henry to John and Catherine Large.

Oct 2 Thomas to John and Mary Holbrooke.

Jan 18 Francis son to George and Ann Newland.

Mar 5 Hugh to John and Mary Maine.

Mar 11 Mary to Thomas and Sarah Butler.



May 4 Lydia to Thomas and Mary Maine.

Sep 1 Elizabeth to Edward and Mary Hill.

Sep 8 John to Richard and Ann Lynch.

Dec 14 John to Richard and Judith Day.

Feb 1 William to William and Margaret Tayler.

Feb 10 Richard to John and Eleanor Waight.

Feb 13 Edward to Edward and Susanna Thruston.





Apr 17 Nicholas Frye a stranger.

May 28 John Richards a stranger.

Aug 11 Hugh Smith senior.

Dec 13 Agnes Were servant to John Smith senior.

Jan 24 John to John Paradyse alias Parris.



May 20 William Newland.

Jul 19 Nicholas Lawrence.

Aug 2 Florence Dando.

Sep 26 John Felps.

Sep 27 Margaret Hedges.

Oct 15 William Tucker.

Jan 14 Henry to George Young.

Jan 18 John Cottrell a poor stranger.

Jan 20 Hugh to Thomas Evered.

Feb 16 John Whittier senior.

Feb 17 William Lockier.

Feb 20 Anne Webly widow.



Apr 23 George Buck.

Apr 27 Gertrude Butler widow.

Jun 1 Elizabeth Brooks widow.

Jul 3 Elizabeth wife of William Stevens of Henbury.

Jul 23 Christopher Wright.

Jul 31 Tamasine wife of John Garland alias Tovy.

Dec 18 Ann wife of Thomas Wight.

Jan 6 Richard to John Tayler.

Jan 8 Robert Whiting.

Jan 11 John Geare.

Jan 13 John Tayler.



Apr 10 Edward Tombs.

Jun 18 Mary wife of Gabriel Phillips.

Jun 28 Florence to Christopher Usher Esq and Mrs Martha.

Sep 6 Sarah to Martine and Bridget Young.

Sep 16 Thomas Parre.

Nov 4 Joan wife of William Smyth.

Dec 11 Elizabeth wife of John Crossman senior.

Jan 11 Gertrude Griffin.

Jan 23 Robert Satchfield.

Feb 15 Mary to Thomas and Sarah Butler.

Feb 22 Anne to Richard and Anne Large.

Feb 24 Susanna wife of Edward Griffin.

Feb 25 William to William and Frances Lynch.

Mar 13 Thomas to John and Catherine Large.



Apr 6 Elizabeth Weight widow.

May 4 John Nethie.

May 9 Martha to Thomas and Sarah Bidler.

Jun 19 Christian Prigg.

Jul 4 Mary to John and Ann Weight.

Jul 9 Mary to Isaac Dawson.

Jul 20 Rebecca to John and Cecilia James.

Aug 28 Henry to Richard and Ann Large.

Sep 9 William to Richard and Sarah Harden.

Oct 30 John to Sir Humphrey and Lady Florence Hooke.

Jan 23 Mr. Joseph Crossman, rector of Backwell.

Jan 25 Mary White.

……Mrs Florence daughter of Mr. John and Mrs Anne Knight of Bristol.

Mar 15 Jane Nayler.



Apr 27 Hugh to John Maine.

May 4 Sarah to John King.

May 13 Mr. Robert Whiting.

May 28 William Hedges.

Jul 2 Evan Evans.

Jul 21 Anne wife of John Cheyney.

Aug 10 George Lynch.

Sep 7 John Cheyney.

Nov 13 John Read.

Dec 14 Joan wife of John Waight.

Dec 21 Bridges Hedges.

Jan 19 John to John Waight.

Jan 21 Mary to Joseph and Elizabeth Dangerfield.

Feb 6 Faith to Aaron and Susanna Murford.

Feb 9 William to John Waight.

Mar 16 Anne Read widow.