Long Ashton Marriages


Transcribed by Mary Mason.




b. = bachelor. s= spinster. wid = widow/widower. lic = licence.


1754 7th Charles Cavil to Jane Ippot.lic.

Nov 3rd William Murford to Martha Anthony.s.

1755 Feb 24th William Fisher of Barrow, Som. to Rachel Houlder.

Jun 12th Thomas Bayns of Bedminster to Elizabeth Clark.

Jul 27th James Holder to Mary Hill.

Sep 22nd Joseph Baker of Censtock, Som. to Sarah Tombs.

1756 Jun 7th George Bishop of Clifton to Dinah Thayer.lic.

Jul 27th George Baker to Ciselia Floyd.

1757 Apr 19th Thomas Wade of Lidney, Glou to Elizabeth Vowles, wid. lic.

May 8th Mr. Henry Sweeting of All Saints, Bristol to Joanna Furnell.lic.

May 30th Stephen Allsup of Westbury, Glou to Ruth Holder.

Jun 23rd Thomas Pultney to Mary Crook of Wilts.lic.

Oct 25th William Brock to Ann Weeks.s.lic.

Oct 31st Henry Penny of Horsington, Som to Bridget Wilmot.

1758 Apr 13th Paul Baily to Elizabeth Webb.lic.

Aug 14th Thomas Daniel to Mary Bevern.

Aug 15th Stephen Young of Windford to Rachel Weeks

Nov 28th Samuel Young to Ruth Buck.lic.

Dec 3rd William Turner of Compton Greenfield, Glou to Mary Buck.lic.

1759 Feb 25th Samuel Webb to Ruth Buck.lic.

Apr 16th George Marshall to Sarah Jarvis.

Apr 17th Richard Viney to Hannah Hitchins.lic.

Apr 30th Thomas Collins of Blagdon, Som to Rebecca Lansdown.

May 3rd William Jennings to Mary Knight, wid. lic.

Jul 1st Samuel Bendal of Burnett, Som to Anne Baily.

Nov 3rd John Barber, lab. to Elizabeth Boice of East Brent, Som.lic.

Nov 23rd John Hudding, lab. to Mary Bird.s.

Dec 23rd Jonas Dale to Elizabeth Wine.

1760 Apr 10th Thomas Mullins to Ruth Phelps.

May 5th Benjamin Holder 0f St. Mary, Redcliffe to Elizabeth Horwood.

May 17th Thomas Yeatman to Ann Jones.

Oct 26th John Thomas of St. Thomas, Bristol to Betty Spender.

Nov 20th James Hicks to Ann Merchant.

1761 Jan 15th Thomas Pope to Betty Evans.

Jan 27th Mr. Hugh Hayward to Elizabeth Prig.lic.

Jan 27th John Sess to Mary Harris.

Feb 1st Samuel Lovell of St. Margaret, Gloster to Amy Durbin.

Feb 3rd Thomas Scriffin ? to Mary Adam.

Mar 29th William Thayer to Betty Barns.

Apr 5th John West to Sarah Marford.

Jun 15th Thomas Tomlinson of St. George but born in Sudbury Cheshire

to Mary Spender.lic.

Jun 29th William Sparks of Congresbury, Som to Susannah Tutton.

Dec Lazarus Palmer to Mary William ?

1762 Mar 21st William Britton to Mary Phelps.

Apr 11th Henry Weeks to Betty Hookins.

Jun 24th Mr. Dennis Leman of Worle, Som to Miss Francis Rogers.lic.

Oct 3rd Samuel Palmer to Hannah Jordan.

Oct 10th Philip Prigg to Anne Yeatman.

Nov 23rd Mr. John Tonge to Elizabeth Mac-braire.lic.

Dec 13th George Goodale to Ann Thomas.

1763 Apr William Creed to Sarah Williams.

May 10th Mr. Richard Tudball of St. Mary, Redcliffe to Miss Elizabeth Gresley.

Jun 30th Mathew Jones of St. James, Bristol to Mary Henny.lic.

Aug 1st Christopher Mardon of Bedminster to Hannah Oliver.

Oct 28th James Brock to Elizabeth Underwood.

Dec 15th Mr. George Daniels to Miss Ally Wilson.lic.

1764 Apr 29th Paschal Webb to Phebe Newton.lic.

May 13th Henry Beauchamp to Mary Lyons.

Jul 20th George Pedder of Barrow, Som to Jane Rosewell.

1765 Jan 3rd Philip Bower of Bristol to Frances Ainsworth.lic.

Feb 18th Nicholas Toms to Jane Sperring.

May 6th Thomas Watts to Anne King.

Aug 5th Samuel Wall to Anne Bradly.

Sep 8th John Phillips to Sarah Durbin.

Sep 30th George Holder to Elizabeth Cottle.

Oct 17th Jonathon Harding to Hannah Smith.

Dec 25th Mr. Joseph Daltern to Miss Ann Wickham.lic.

1766 Jan 19th James Shepstone to Elizabeth Tombs.

Apr 3rd John Gregory of St. James, Bristol to Hannah Richards.

May 20th Edward Davis of Shepton Mallet, Som to Anne Cox.

Jun 2nd Mr. William Bird of Birmingham, Warwick to Miss Hester Hall.lic.

Jul 27th John Lewton to Dorothy Williams.

1767 Feb 23rd Samuel Woods to Mary Davis.

Mar 29th Benjamin Shepstone to Katherine Christopher.

Apr 21st Samuel Noble of Yatton, Som to Betty Smith.

May 3rd James Brock to Margaret Shears.

Nov 16th John Greenaway to Mary Homan.

1768 Apr 10th John Collins of Bedminster to Martha Weekes.

Apr 11th Stephen Ogburn to Mary Childs.

Jul 20th John Taylor of Hutton, Som to Hannah Pim.

Nov 20th Robert Prigg to Mary Thomas.

Dec 27th John Tucker to Elizabeth Beauchamp.

1769 Mar 23rd Robert Weeks to Martha Battens.lic.

Apr 7th Edmund Hayward to Rachel Williams.

May 26th Thomas Hill to Patience Veale.

Oct 16th William Phillips, b. of St. Michael, Bath to Betty Bird.s.lic.

1770 Jan 26th William Merchant to Jane Lader.lic.

Feb 12th Joseph Clement to Mary Withy.lic.

Feb 19th Blaze Carter of Bedminster to Jane Shenton.

Jul 9th William Phillips of St Michael, Bath to Betty Bird.lic.

Jul 11th Sampson Parsons of the city of Bath to Jane Hale.

1771 Apr 1st Joseph Sweet of Bittern, to Hester Weeks.

May 13th Samuel Dalman of Bedminster to Elizabeth Weeks.lic.

May 20th Mr. Thomas Knight to Miss Mary Howard.lic.

Oct 6th Joseph Williams to Anne Batt.

Nov 19th Edward Sheppard to Jane Allen of Blagdon.lic.

Dec 2nd John Carter to Miss Anne Wood.

Dec 2nd Joseph Beauchamp to Sarah Morgan.

Dec 29th Amos Merford to Mary Prig.

1772 Mar 22nd John Holbrook to Martha Merrick.

Apr 12th Nathaniel Wade of Wraxall to Mary Fox.lic.

Apr 20th Samuel Tilly of Yatton to Sarah White.

Jun 1st John Ruscombe of Nailsea to Elizabeth Reed.lic.

Sep 29th Jonathon Perryman to Mary White.

Nov 23rd James Rosewell to Elizabeth Peglar.

1773 Apr 12th Thomas Weeks to Sarah King.

Apr 12th William Hitchman to Mary Reed.

Jun 7th Mr. Henry Howard to Miss Jane Ainsworth.lic.

Jul 12th John Vaughan to Anne Blaker.

Jul 20th Abraham Barnes, cordwainer to Mary Tucker.s.lic.

Aug 15th Henry Burgess to Rachel Harris.

1774 Jan 10th Joseph Dangerfield to Mary Wookey.

Jan30th William Hookins to Ruth Wood.

Apr 10th Thomas Carpenter to Elizabeth Rosewell.

Apr 19th Benjamin Shepstone to Hannah Buck.

Oct 7th William Gee to Anne Reed.lic.

Dec 25th Robert Davis to Mary Luton.

Dec 26th Abraham Walker to Sarah Lovel.

1775 Jan 1st James Laver to Mary Hayward.

Feb 3rd Thomas King,b. of Hilperon, Wilts to Elizabeth Wood.s.lic.

Feb 24 James Fox and Sarah Veale botp Lic.

Mar 27 William Lyons and Hannah Phelps botp Lic.

Apr 2 John Pain and Sarah Weeks botp.

Apr 16 Joseph Aram and Mary Seager botp Lic.

Jul 3rd William Phelps to Betty Bishop.lic.

1776 Jun 3rd George Wookey to Ann Higgins,lic.

Aug 1st Mr. James Fisher? of St. Thomas, Bristol to Anne Carter.lic.

1777 Mar 30th Thomas Phillips to Martha Wakerell.

Mar 30th George Broad to Sarah Anthony.

Apr 6th Thomas Blinman to Anne Tombs.

Aug 25th Jonathon Hill of Abbots Leigh to Miriam Seller.

Dec 25th James Horwood to Mary Hinton of Clifton. (signed as Jane Hinton)

1778 Mar 17th Mr. George Wookey senr. Farmer to Charity Wickham of Westminster.lic.

Mar 19th Samuel Bishop of Worle, yeoman to Hester Phelps.s.lic.

Jul 27th William Prescott of All Saints to Anne Adams.s.lic.

Aug 3rd Abraham Purnell to Sarah Prigg.

1779 Jan 6th John Gammon of Severnoaks, Kent to Elizabeth Perry.s.lic.

Mar 4th Thomas Cribb to Mary Harris.

Apr 5th William Lewton to Florence Huchison.

May 6th John Belsher of Winford, Som to Hester Lyons.

Sep James Godfrey to Sarah Webb.

Oct 12th George Sides ? to Mary King.

Nov 9th Thomas Dabbs of St. Thomas, Bristol to Mary Bridle.

1780 May 9th Thomas Tully to Mary Cicil, wid.lic.

Sep 28th Isaac Williams jun of St. James, Bath to Mary Eames.lic.

1781 Feb 19th James Hucker of St. George to Jane Galpin.

Apr 13th John Luton to Mary Potter.

May 14th John Goddard to Mary Clement.lic.

May 31st Abraham Fisher to Margaret Jones.

Jul 16th Thomas Sansum to Sarah Webb.

Oct 18th Moses Yeats, wid to Anne Nurse, wid of Compton Dando.lic.

Oct 28th William Morgan of Flax Bourton to Mary Perry.

Dec 20th George Osmond to Anne Dangerfield.lic.

1782 Jan 28th John Nott to Mary Weeks.

Mar 21st William Ball to Martha Tretch.

Mar 31st William Humphrey to Rachel Lyons.

Apr 15th John Tucker to Mary Loxley.lic.

Apr 20th David Thomas of St. Stephen, Bristol to Mary Jenkins.lic.

May 5th Thomas Hawkins to Elizabeth Barns.

Jun 25th Thomas Tully, wid to Martha Davey.lic.

Jul 17th John Buck to Rachel Weeks.

Jul 25th Thomas Colley to Sarah Tucker.lic.

Sep 9th Henry Young to Martha Fox.

Oct 13th Isaack Fisher to Mary Williams.

Oct 21st James Luton to Elizabeth Crew.

Nov 4th Mr. John Lewis of St. Thomas, Bristol to Miss Joyce Abbot.lic.

1783 Apr 1st James Fox to Anne Barnes.

Jul 27th John Brimble to Elizabeth Burgess.