Long Ashton Marriages.


Transcribed by Mary Mason.





Feb 9 William Reade junior to Agnes Martin.



Apr 14 Richard Beakes to Joan Tuckie.

Jun 28 Lewis Holley to Margaret Zilfe.

Jul 8 Gregory Austen to Alice Wheeler.

Aug 17 George Christy to Mary Hedges.

Oct 3 William Hodges to Joane Lovel.

Oct 27 John Taylor to Edith Smyth.

Nov 23 George Beavin to Ann Shirbourne.

Dec 6 William Wilks to Elizabeth Stibbens.

Dec 21 Thomas Davis to Margery Wiatt.

Jan 18 Thomas Hill to Martha Cabel.

Feb 16 John Maseake to Esther Baker.



Jun 28 Lewis Holley to Margaret Zilfe.

Oct 3 William Hodges to Joane Lovel.

Oct 10 Howel Jenkins to Mary Tucky.

Oct 27 John Taylor to Edith Smyth.

Dec 6 William Wilks to Elizabeth Stibbins.

Feb 16 John Maseake to Esther Baker.



Apr 22 Robert Cotton to Anne Satchfield.

Jan 13 George Buck to Elizabeth Wallis.



Apr 3 Joseph Dangerfield to Elizabeth Woodman.

Sep 9 Roger Wetsteed to Mary Bennet.

Mar 2 William Hiscox to Ann Hilsey.



Apr 30 Thomas Maine to Martha Baltram.

Sep 30 James Box to Christian Garner.



Sep 30 William Hix of Newton St Loe to Joan Higginbottome of Bedminster.

Jan 8 Valentine Heale to Mary Miller.



Apr 16 William Taylor to Margaret Griffen.

Nov 13 John Brown to Joan Seley.



May 18 John Greening to Cicely Clemans.

Jun 21 Thomas White to Rebecca Collins.



Aug 7 William Prigge to Ann Prigge.

Jan 15 Robert Pearst to Elizabeth Hollman.



Apr 10 Richard Barnes to Elizabeth Nevill.

Dec 26 Joseph Poole to Edith Stepens.



May 15 Benjamin Gardener to Eddy Horwood.

Dec 16 John Cambridge to Rebecca Veale.

Dec 31 John Wattes to Jeane Browne.



Mar 26 Richard Hayward to Ann Greene.

Mar 31 George Tombs to Mary Burt.

May 19 John Poole to Edith Poole.

Sep 4 William Prigge to Elizabeth Symes.

Oct 3 Samuel Hodges to Sarah Beacham

Nov 8 Mathew Yeamons to Mary Abbot.



Apr 13 Samuel Pigloe to Edith Stone.

Apr 16 Nathaniel Brittan to Grace Clarke.

Jun 11 James Gifford to Jean Sinette.

Aug 4 John Gandy to Hannah Jones.

Aug 11 William Jordan to Florence Everard.



Apr 5 Richard Fox to Ann Halbroke.

Jun 10 John Porter to Sarah Greene.

Jul 21 Thomas Meriddy to Mary Burde.

Sep 16 John White to Elizabeth Morgan.

Sep 2? John Hollyman to Rachell Newland.

Nov 25 John James to Sarah Morrish.

Feb 26 Samuel Porter to Ann Porter.



Sep 20 Thomas Wight to Ann Cooke.

Oct 3 John Clarke to Elizabeth Fox.

Oct 9 James Guy to Francis Cleeves.



May 6 John Horwood to Mary Dirrocke.

Aug 27 Henry Box to Ann Woodman.

Jan William Thresher to Ann Pomroy.

Mar James Townsan to Mary Purnel.



Apr 2 Henry Thomas to Deborah Bucke.

Apr 28 Thomas Freeman to Hester Hallbrook.

May 6 Samuel Hales to Ann Dangerfield.

May 28 William Willmet to Frances Evarard.

Dec 24 Peter Chevos to Mary Fletcher.

Jan 23 John Gray to Elizabeth Dowting.

Mar 3 Thomas Dangerfield to Ann Large.


1701 Apr 24 Jonathan Gifford to Sarah Redwood.

Apr 28 John Realsy to Joanne Taylor.

May 25 John Williams to Elizabeth Smart.

Jun 22 William Hirkes to Hannah Warppie.

Sep 1 John Bartlet to Mary Soloman.



Apr 6 William Maynard to Martha Roome.

Apr 30 John Sunsome to Abigall Carter.

Apr 30 Joseph Horwood to Elizabeth Maishman.

Dec 22 Joseph Gray to Mary Grey.

Oct 1 John Sage to Margery Hill.



Mar 28 William Goodman to Elizabeth Bright.

Mar 30 Joseph Foarth to Mary Denfill.

Apr 25 Silas Horwood to Mary Reynolds

Aug 19 George Synch to Jane White.



Apr 17 William Forrest to Grace Wiltshire.

May 29 John Booke to Elizabeth Collens.

Nov 30 John Wooton of Br: to  Mary Cattford.



Mar 28 John Roome to Dianah Lyne.

Apr 8 William Davis to Jane Davis.

Apr 9 Thomas Barry to Ann Counsell

May 13 John Laber to Ann

Jun 22 Frances Starkey to Mary Browne.

Jul 9 Richard Withy to Mary

Jul 26 John Townly to Mary Williams.



Mar 25 Richard Wharton to Martha Large.

Mar 28 Edmond Tucker to Mary Chard.

Jun 12 Richard Clypsham to Elizabeth Marten.

Aug 1 Thomas Whippy to Mary Heazell.

Oct 4 William Veale to Patience Tanner.



Mar 30 James Crossman to Ann Stevens.

Apr 14 John Day to Mary Larey.

Apr 14 Thomas Hodges to Bridget Counsell.

Apr 15 Aron Murford to Ann Bayly.

May 4 Joseph Hooks to Frances Dirrorke.

May 31 Joseph Durnill to Mary Signet.

Sep 25 Thomas Woolly to Ann Townsand.

Sep 26 Charles Whitehurst to Ann Gilmore.



Apr 8 Thomas Cribbe to Elizabeth Burk.

May 24 John Mathews to Rachell Cooke.

May 28 Andrew Butten to Eleanor Horwood.

Jun 14 John Marton to Hannah King.

Jun 17 James Larey to Martha Field.

Aug 3 Arthur Murford to Ann Cook.

Oct 10 Richard Bendle to Hannah Buffery.

Dec 5 William Browne to Margaret Parker.

Dec 23 Joseph Bond to Mary Greening.

Dec 27 Samuel Vowles to Hannah Cambridge.

Jan 3 Richard King to Frances Foy.

Feb 20 Samuel Wedmore to Mary James.



Apr 25 Henry Guy to Elizabeth Champion.

Jun 2 John Whippy to Ann Lukins.

Jul 1 Robert Wilmot to Ann Veale.

Sep 4 Robert Serjeant to Blanch Lloyd.

Dec 26 William Sperren to Elizabeth Brayton.

Jan 17 Francis Eyon to Patience Shepherd.



Apr 18 Henry Murford to Joyce Stevens.

Oct 8 James Phelps to Mary Brooks.



May 10 Richard James to Susannah

Jun 2 George Carter to Dianah Heafell.

Jun 19 Richard Wraxall to Ann Sealy.

Sep 3 Arthur Darby to Frances Jefferys.

Sep 23 Gilbert Billet to Mary Skeats.

Sep 25 Thomas Foy to Elizabeth Russeter.

Dec 20 Joseph Storker to Mary Warren.



Sep 20 John Carey to Ann Blinman.

Sep 24 Israel Tombs to Elizabeth Hayward.

May 4 Shadrack Whitehead to Elizabeth Crew.

May 18 Amos Murford to Elizabeth Holier.

May 25 Thomas Ismore to Eleanor Cooke.

Dec 7 John Webb to Mary Nethy

Jan 1 Thomas Farkrol to Sarah Sansome.

Mar 19 Robert Collens to Roberta Crome.

Dec 23 Thomas Richardson to Ann Garland.



Apr 6 William Cable to Sarah Tanner.

Apr 13 John Roome to Ann Brock.

May 25 John Bishop to Christian Culvis.

Nov 11 Thomas Bull to Ann Skidmore.

Jan 19 Frances Whitchurch to Elizabeth D’Orville.

Feb 5 James Fear to Sarah Day.



May 5 Joseph Fuller to Martha Brooks.

May 9 John Pheleps to Sarah Cambridge.

Sep 28 Samuel Goodson to Jane Synth.

Sep 28 Samuel Moore to Christian Tucker.

Oct 14 William Galtone to Rachel Bryan.

Dec 9 William Anderson to Mary Collens.

Dec 26 Tobie Butcher to Hanah Bristol.

Jan 9 Daniel Haskins to Ann Saunders.

Feb 3 Morgan Williams to Sarah Allen.

Feb 4 Stephen Sansome to Jane.



Jun 28 Richard Cambridge to Mary Pullen.

Jun 30 Thomas Vowles to Sarah Davis.

Aug 23 Richard Clear to Ann Wooleen.

Sep 4 Roger Mayfield to Sarah Young.

Jan 9 Jenkin Jones to Rachel Young.

Jan 24 John Sprud to Joan Pope.

Feb 5 James Edgil to Sarah Parker.

Feb 12 John Smith to Elizabeth Weeks.

Mar 5 Walter Merede to Jane King.



May 1 Edward Evans to Elizabeth Woolrin.

May 8 Robert Blanch to Mary Glaser.

Jun 7 Samuel Porter to Frances Carrington.

Jul 9 William Horwood to Patience Short.

Sep James Weeks to Mary White.

Sep 16 Samuel Woolen to Sarah Lodge.

Oct 25 Thomas Cox to Hester Norcourt.

Dec 31 James Wilson to Grace Child.

Mar 6 John Giles to Dorothy Day.



Apr 22 Nathaniel Beale to Mary Cable.

May 5 John Williams to Ann Laker.

Jul 23 Philip Prigge to Ann Box.

Sep 21 Thomas Whittock to Elizabeth Andrews.

Sep 26 William Jones to Sarah Cornish.

Dec 5 Walter Middle to Martha Wood.

Jan 16 John Baynen to Mary Browne.

Mar 21 Francis Wornal to Ann Barry.



Mar 26 Samuel Smyth to Ann Beakes.

Apr 28 Obadiah Web to Mary Garland.

Aug 17 John Reynolds to Mary Wood.

Oct 6 George Passons? to Mary Hunt.

Oct 27 Thomas Halbrooke to Martha Hollistar.

Feb 9 John Ballard to Sarah Thatcher.



Apr 2 Thomas Gronne to Elizabeth Windmil.

Jul 27 John King to Ann West.

Aug 1 Isaac Emery to Mary Taylor.

Oct 3 Thomas Wilcox to Mary Estwick.

Nov 4 George Walters to Sarah Synth.

John Pew to Rebecah Pool.

Jan 28 George Halbrooke to Hester Jenkins.

Feb 24 James Biggs to Agnes Godwin.



May 7 Rice Harris to Sarah Way.

Jun 16 William Webb to Theodosia Seger.

Aug 1 William Clothier to Martha Wallis.

Aug 14 Nicholas Burke to Ruth Hayward.

Sep 8 William Hiscox to Hannah Avery.

Oct 24 Samuel Hort to Mary Sloper.

Nov 2 Edward Evans to Edith Harditk. (Hardwick)

Jan 26 William Litten to Elizabeth Mary Lawrence.

Feb 19 Samuel Child to Mary Brock.



Apr 10 George Tucker to Mary Phillips.

Apr 26 Daniel Esbury to Elizabeth Morris.

May 7 Robert Arthurs to Frances Taylor.

Oct 26 Arthur Keen to Alice Whithed.

Dec 26 John Horwood to Martha Deaton.



Mar 29 John Gray to Martha Smith.

Apr 29 Richard James to Elizabeth Symes. W.

May 6 Thomas Moss to Mary Jefferis. W.

May 8 Edmund Hayward to Elizabeth Deacon.

Jun 6 William Bryan to Mary Maskal of Clevedon.

Jul 1 Samuel Brock to Martha.

Jul 8 Isaac Cole to Martha Gifford.

Sep 4 Thomas Penrose to Ann Stubbs.

Nov 5 John Shallard to Elizabeth Collins, Keynsham.

Dec 27 John Lite to Mary Pod, Norton.

Jan 3 George Martin to Dianah Wight.

Jan 25 John Tobyn to Catherine Burges.



Mar 27 Robert Strange to Mary Somers.

Apr 11 William Hitchens to Rachel Hunt.

Aug 15 James Brooks to Elizabeth Keene.

Aug 24 George Benyon to Mary Hiley.



Mar 26 George Williams to Elizabeth Phillips.

Apr 6 James Thatcher to Sarah Romsey. W.

Jun 18 Edmund Inman to Sarah Hill, Wrington.

Jul 16 John Beard to Ann Wyat. W.

Oct 4 Joseph Prout to Grace Phillips. W.

Nov 30 James Whiting to Rachel Webb.

Jan 6 William Lemman to Prudence Shepherd.

Feb 6 John Gillet to Mary Hipsly.

Feb 9 John Hollister to Sebrina Ball.



Mar 29 Richard Weeks to Rachel Webb.

Mar 30 Thomas Ogburn to Sarah Ashton.

Apr 19 Solomon Badman to Sarah Withers.

May 27 William Daniel to Frances Pomroy.



Apr 1 William Fry of Lye to Martha Blinman of Pill.

Sep 5 George Tombs to Frances Needs.

Jan 12 William Pountney to Caroletta Paul.

Jun 14 George Ballard to Hannah Brimble of Portbury.

Feb 15 John Pigott of Brockly Esq. to Mrs Florence Smyth daughter of Sir John Smyth, Baronet.

Feb 20 Thomas Williams of Bedminster to Ann Forrest of Whitchurch.

Mar 4 Thomas Hinton of St Trinity in Dorset to Mary Cleeves.



May 18 Richard Burges to Ann Horwood.

Jul 22 Richard James to Sarah Gilson/Gibson of Stone Eston.

Sep 2 William Price otp to Fortune Sayer of Dundry.

Sep 5 John Parker of Chew Magna to Hanah Evans of Pill.



Oct 2 William Cottle to Mary Tratman.

Jan 8 John Gresly to Mary Marsh.

Feb 2 James Forrest to Mary Room of Whitchurch.



June William Price to Hester Sayer.

Jul 2 John James to Hannah Daney.

Jan 2 Thomas Cope to Mary Symons.



Aug 25 Thomas Morris to Mary Durban.

Sep 18 John Warn to Mary Cowdray.

Sep 30 John Tibbot to Sarah Poole.

Dec 14 William Willis to Ann Deacon.



Apr 27 Samuel Webb to Sarah Burd.

Oct 5 Jonathan Legg to Elizabeth Blackford.

Nov 2 John White to Mary Phelps.



Aug 25 Thomas Hall to Hester Barns.

Sep 7 John Stock to Mary Gardiner.

Dec 31 John Holder to Elizabeth Toms.



William Burd to Sarah White.

Nov 18 Nic: Toms to Susanna Willis.

Mar 1 John Whittingham to Sarah Abbot.

Mar 13 William Taylor to Mary Dixon.



Apr 14 John Cook to Ann Lawrence.

Apr 14 Joseph Freeman to Blanch Alcott.

William Durban to Sarah Willet.



Dec 3 John Hale to Sarah Milkins.

Jan 20 Mich: Jones to Sarah Hughes.

Mar 28 John Chubb to Mary Brown.



Aug 19 Rumley Wilcox to Dorothy Garlick.

Aug 25 Thomas Barns to Susanna Oland.

Nov 24 Richard Wimpenny (Vimpenny) to Sarah Cook.

Dec 15 John Wride to Sarah Sharp.



Sep 16 Robert Hayward to Penelope Cook.

Oct 17 Nick: Toms to Mary Pritchard.

Dec 4 James Price to Mary Gould.

Thomas Griffin to Margaret Rickbill.



Jul 6 John Watkins to Hannah Hellier.

Jan 7 William Cale to …..Pearce.

Feb 18 Thomas Hall to Ann Keedwell.

Jul 18 Joseph Durban to Ann Plomer.



Apr 17 Joseph Packer to Elizabeth Collins.

Apr 24 Jr John Smyth Bar to Ether Lutar.

Oct 30 Philip Hayne to Jane Floyd.

Oct 20 Jonathan Hayward to Sarah Veal.

Oct 22 Thomas Ogbourne to Mary Batt.

Mar 17 John Lidden to Elizabeth Walwork.

Mar 19 William Symons to Mary Chappel.

Aug 18 Jammes Hemmins to Ann Manning.

May 13 John Melliman to Betty Brook.



Anthony Hanil to Sarah Vowles.

Sep 24 John Walker to Mary Hinks.

Nov 7 Samuel Childs to Christian Gregory.



Jul 1 John Lacy to Mary Watson.

Aug 24 William Nicolas to Sarah Cheetlow.

Sep 19 John Wats to Sarah Cornish.

Sep 20 Thomas Fry to Mary Hughes.

Oct 17 William Veal to Margaret Baily.

Nov  Thomas Wansey to Frances Foss.

Nov 5 Edward Keinton to Mary Hook.

Nov 27 Joseph Brown to Sarah Parsons.

Jan 21 Richard Fisher to Elizabeth Farrow.

Mar 16 John Rudge to Ann Soaper.

Isaac Williams to Mary Bradford.



Apr 5 George Jones to Ann Denton.

Apr 5 John Needs to Mary Evans.

Jun 22 John Lentorn to Frances Rogers.

Jul 17 Daniel Whitnole to Mary Thomas.

Jul 21 John Hillman to Christian Adams.

Sep 18 Joseph Sevil to Hester Weaver.

Oct 10 John Tido to Joanne Bennet.

Nov 12 Thomas Durban to Hannah Reach.

Feb 16 Thomas Dangerfield to Betty Back.

Mar 16 James Clements to Sarah Meredith.



Mar 29 Samuel Tucker to Betty Lewis.

May 10  Sampson Nash to Mary Price.

May 27 Thomas Weeks to Betty Brooks.

May 31 John Vinson to Mary Okey.

Jun 28 John Gray to Hannah Porter.

Aug 8 John Tutton to Martha Barber.

Sep 18 Daniel Pow to Mary Camb.

Dec 2 John Webb to Rose Marchant.

Jul 27 John Bibbyhawker to Sarah Harries.

Nov 4 William Harris to Mary Powel.

Dec 6 James Morris to Martha Rawlins.

Dec 25 Thomas Vater to Betty Abraham.

Jan 3 John Lacy to Martha Curtis.

Feb 17 Samuel Winscomb to Susanna Quick.

Feb 21 Henry Murford to Mary Pritchard.

Mar  Joseph Hasel to Martha Jacques.

Mar 18 Capt. Cleland to Miss Blake.



Apr 18 John Cribb to Betty Wood.

May 2 Jonathan Hill to Mary Cribb.