Portbury Church Wardens Accounts.


Transcribed by Mary Mason.


1773 Apr 12th

This Act examined and settled by Mr. Frances Atherton nominated and appointed Churchwarden for the year ensuing by us.


C Goddard, vicar

John Ballard

John Atherton

Frances Atherton

Humphrey Atherton

Thomas Shepherd

John Yeeles

John Hunt.



Disbursments of Frances Atherton, Church Warden for the Parish of Portbury, for the year 1774.



John Atherton

Humphrey Atherton

Joseph Wedmore

John Hunt

William Perington

John Yeeles

John Hardwick


1776 Oct 20th

Distributions of 1-11-6d to the poor of this Parish in Bread gave by George Berry. John Hunt Church Warden.

Receivers of the above:


Richard Symons1s-9d

George Sympns 1s-9d

Ann Coolin 1s-3d

James King 6d

John Douting 1s-0d

William Davis 1s-3d

Joseph Mansfield 1s-0d

Robert Phipins 1s-3d

Robert Mills 1s-0d

Sampson Williams 1s-0d

James Tippet 1s9d

Susan Williams 1s-0d

John Davis 1s-0d

Sarah Carter 1s-0d

Nathan Nuton 1s-9d

Jonas Stokes 6d

Edward Loscom 1s-0d

James Symonds 1s-9d

John Cope 1s-6d

Henry House 1s-0d

Sarah Avis 6d

Mary Clements 6d

George Culver 1s-0d

Thomas Weight 1s-9d

Daw Stidfall 1s-0d

Thomas Napper 1s-0d

John Stokes 1s-0d

Joan Trevilian 6d



1776 Dec 14th Received of the Camberlin of Bristol three pounds for interest for 100 in the Citty due the 18th of Nov last by me. J. Hunt. Church Warden.


Dec 22nd Distributed the above sum to the second poor of this Parish by John Hunt, Church Warden and Thomas Yeeles, Overseer.



Richard Symons 2s-4d

George Symons 2s-3d

Ann Coolin 1s-9d

John Hodges 2s-4d

James King 1s-3d

John Dowling 1s-6s

William Davis 1s-7d

Joseph Mansfield 1s-6d

Robert Phippin 1s-9d

Peter Nuton 1s-9d

Robert Mills 6d

Mary Davis 1s-9d

Sampson Williams 1s-6d

Joseph Tippet 2s1

Susan Williams 1s-6d

John Davis 1s-3d

Sarah Carter 1s-9d

Na' Newton 2s-3d

Jonas Stokes 1s-3d

James Symons 1s-10

John Cope 1s-6d

Henry House 1s-5d

Sarah Eavis 1s-9d

George Symons 1s-6d

Mary Clements 1s-1

George Culver 1s-6d

Thomas Weight 2s-3d

Dan Stidfall 2s-3d

Mary Mattock 1s-9d

Samuel Badman 1s-0d

Edward May 1s-0d

John Dogget 1s-3d

Thomas Symons 1s-0d

John Morgan 1s-9d

Thomas Napper 2s-3d

Sam Stacy Jun 1s-0d

Edward Loscom 1s-10

Sam Stacy Sen 2s-3d

Charles Morgan 1s-3d

John Stokes 1s-6d

Total 3-5-0d.



1779 Feb 17th A Rate granted to John Hunt, Church Warden for the Parish of Portbury.


Shipway Tything

Mr Humphrey Atherton 15s-0d

George Symons 1s-8

Ann Colling 5

Week Tything

John Hunt 14s-5

William Bayley for Hulberts 2s-3d

.. for the Land 3s3

Mr Francis Atherton for the Lords 1s-1

.. The Lords 9s-0d

.. for the Land 5s-3d

.. for Durbans 1s-9d

Samuel Stacy 6

.. for the Lords 2

John Yeeles 2s-5

.. for the Lords 4s-2

Peters Tything

John Hardwick 15s-1

Robert Rowls 7d

.. for the Lords 17s-3

Frances Beavan 2s-3d

James King for the Lords 3

John Douting for the Lords 6

Mr Bayly for Hardwick 5s-7

Joseph Cox 2s-0d

William Perinton 14s-3

.. for Durbans 11

Mrs Hicks 1s-10

Mr William Barber for Willings 4

.. for the Lords 1

William Davis 2

Cort Tything

Elexander Colstone Esq 10s-1

John Doget for the Lords 4s-9

Mr Barnsley 6s-6

Mr Sparks 1s-10

Joseph Mansfield for the Lords 7

Late Collets 8d

Late Everets 8d

Cross Tything

John Jorden 2s-9

John Leech 9d

Robert Mills 5d

Mr Haskins 2s-6d

Joseph Griffen 7d

Thomas Yeeles Snr 1s-0d

John Rowles Snr 10s-0

William Yeeles for Creeds 2s-0d

Mr Ballard 3-9d

.. for the Lords 6

John Moor for late Holbrooks 2s-0

Abbots Tything

Samson Williams 6

Mr William Barber for Davis 1s-3d

James Davis 4s-3d

Mrs Whiteing 2s-0d

Mr William Barber 7s-4

Woolcoombs Tything

Thomas Yeeles Jur 15s-11

William Perinton 3s-9d

Richard Main for the Mill 1s-6d

Joseph Wedmore 12s-11

John Blackmore Esq 8s-0d

Henry Mugleworth Esq for the Wood 6s-0d

Daniel Stedfall for the Lords 6

Robert Wever 11

Honner Tything

Mrs Ballard 4s-0d

The trustees of Bayley & Grey 6s-6d

Robert Askey the Lords 3s-11

John Mattock 9s-9

Mrs Selby 7s-6d

Samuel Stokes for the Lords 3d

Hamgreen Tything

Mrs Gordon for Shuttleworhts 5s-0d

John King 3s-9d

Mrs Wright 4s-8

George Thomkins for late Lanes 1s-6d

Mr Bright 1s-3d

.. for part of Wades 6d

Mrs Gordon for Bonrdiges 3s-0d

.. for Coxes 3s-6d

.. for Davises 9d

.. for Garners 1s-0

.. for Owins 6d

.. for Runlyes 6d

William Westlake 2s-1d

Thomas Sheppard 4s-8d

.. 6s-0d

Mr Adderley 5s-5d

Mr Ware 7s-0d

Mrs Sevier 2s-6

Thomas Harris 6

Danniall Williams for the Lords 9d

Isaac Parfit 11

Caswell Tything

Mr John Atherton 1-3s-2d

Henry Muggleworth Esq 10s

Mr Humphriss 3s-9d

Late Yeeles 4s-0d

Arther Brittan for the Lords 6

Gagly Batch 6d

Late Mr Cudderingtons 7s-3d

Mrs Williams for part of Baylys 1s-7

Mr Cambridg 5s-3d

Mrs Vowls 8s-9d

Mr Main 1s-6d

Hugh Giblet 1s-3d

Thomas Shepperd 4

Mr Parnal for late Tuckeys 1s-0

Total 19- 17- 0



1790 Dec Received of the Chamberlin of Bristol 3-6s-3d for interest of 100-10s on the City Seal due 14 Nov last.

Distributed the above sum by Samuel Parnell, Church Warden and William Yeeles Overseer as follows:

John Hodges 2-0s

Richard Simmons 2-6d

Joseph Tippets 2-0s

Charity Stitfield 2-0s

Thomas Napper 2-0s

Jas King 1-6d

John Dewtin 1-6d

William Davis 1-3d

Robert Fippin 3-0s

Henry House 1-3d

Sampson Williams 1-0s

John Davis 1-0s

George Simmons Snr 1-6d

Mary Clements 1-0s

Edward May 1-6d

John Doggett 1-6

Samuel Stacy jur 2-6d

Edward Loscomb 2-6d

Charles Morgan 1-6d

Joan Trevelion 1-3d

Hannah Davis 1-9d

Joseph Cray 2-0s

Samuel Stacy Snr 1-0s

Richard Youd 2-6d

Nathaniel Newton 1-6d

Mary Badman 1-0s

Peter Newton 2-0s

Dina Williams 6d

Betty Canter 1-0s

Betty King 1-0s

Joseph Mansfield 2-0s

Thomas Simmons 1-0s

William Stokes 1-6d

Robert Mills 1-3d

William Preston 1-3d

William Courts 1-6d

Israel Manfield 1-6d

James Hardwick 1-6d

James Simmons 2-6d

Unas Adams 1-0s

Richard Combs 1-3d

Samuel Badman 1-3d

Total 3-6-3d


1828 Mar 25 to Mar 1829


Weekly Alms


John Slade52 weeks @ 2s per week = 5-4-0d

Betty Slade 52 weeks @ 5s per week = 13

Mary Cray 52 weeks @ 1s per week =2-12-0d

William Moore 52 weeks @ 3s per week = 7-16-0d

Ann Russell 52 weeks @ 3s per week = 7 16-0d

Sarah Shaddick 52 weeks @ 2s-6d per week = 6-100d

Mary Loscomb 52 weeks @ 2s-6d per week = 6-10-0d

Mary Rogers 15 weeks @ 5s-0d per week = 3-15-0d

Mary Rogers 37 weeks @ 3s-0d per week = 5 11-0d

Betty Rumney 52 weeks @ 3s-0d per week = 7-16-0d

Sarah Rumney 52 weeks @ 3s-0d per week = 7-16-0d

Eliza Gad 52 weeks @ 3s-0d per week = 7-16-0d

Benjamin Brown 52 weeks @ 3s-0d per week = 7-16-0d

Joseph Griffin 52 weeks @ 2-6d per week = 6-10-0d

Rachel Tippetts 12 weeks @ 5-6d per week = 3-6-0d

Rachel Tippetts 40 weeks @ 4s-6d per week = 9-0-0d

G & S Priston 52 weeks @ 5s-0d per week = 13-0-0d

Charles Baker 52 weeks @ 1s-0d per week = 2-12-0d

Sarah West 52 weeks @ 3s-0d per week = 7-15-0d

Martha Hardwick 52 weeks @ 3s-0d per week = 7-16-0d

Mary Hunts child 52 weeks @ 2s-0d per week = 5-4-0d

.. 6 weeks @ 2s-0d per week = 12s

.. 44 weeks @ 3s-0d per week = 6-12-0d

Mary Badman 51 weeks @ 1s-6d per week = 3-16-6d

Betty Simmons 53 weeks @ 2s-0d per week = 5-6-0d

Widow Brooks 53 weeks @ 1s-6d per week = 3-19-6d

Ann Newtons child 50 weeks @ 2s6d per week = 6-5-0d

Ann White 51 weeks @ 1s-6d per week = 3-16-6d

Widow Thomson 9 weeks at 3s-0d per week = 1-7-0d

.. 48 weeks at 2s-0d per week = 4-16-0d

P & M Brooks 50 weeks @ 3s-6d per week = 8-15-0d

Elizabeth Balls child 35 weeks @ 3s-0d per week = 5-5-0d

Peter Griffin 19 weeks @ 2s-6d per week = 2-7-6d

William Westlake 11 weeks @ 2s6d per week = 1-7-6d

Wid Brooks omitted in last years accounts 52 weeks @ 1-6d per week = 3-18-0d

Wid Brooks child 26 weeks @ 2s-0d per week = 12- 12-0d

Total = 205-17-6d.



On a loose page in the Churchwardens book is the following:


1801 Jan 20.

Mr John Carter Overseer

To John Newton for the funeral of Mary George.

To Ringing the Knell 1-6d

To Bell and Grave 6-6